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This blog is dedicated to writing and books. We love reading, writing and discovering new authors, bloggers, readers and just people who want to chat about books. Let's be friends!

The bloggers/writers!

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Tawney lives in Orlando where she frolics at Disney World almost every week. You can also find her in Diagon Alley sipping butter bear. She took the rest of the year off to work to concentrate on her writing. Sh
e is also a member of the Florida Library Association and contributor to Writer Diaries.

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Kristen lives in Arizona and works at the Maricopa Probation office. She may seem sweet but she's one tough cookie! She has published a book called Blonde Eskimo based on our families heritage in    Alaska!

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Kelly deVos is a Young Adult writer and graphic designer living in Gilbert, Arizona. She is currently enrolled in the

Creative Fiction program at Arizona State University where she also serves as an arts administration intern for the Marooned Journal. Kelly is an intern for Entangled Senior Editor, Kate Brauning and a contributor to The Writer’s Diaries and YAgabonds.

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