The Break Line Review


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  • Publisher: Berkley (January 29, 2019)
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Officially, Max McLean doesn’t exist. The British government denies all knowledge of the work he does on their behalf to keep us safe. But Max and his masters are losing faith in each other. And they’ve given him one last chance to prove he’s still their man.

Sent to a military research facility to meet a former comrade-in-arms, Max finds the bravest man he ever knew locked up for his own protection. His friend lost his mind during an operation in West Africa. The reason? Absolute mortal terror.

Max is determined to find out why.

Ahead lies a perilous, breathtaking mission into the unknown that will call into question everything that Max once believed in.

Acting alone, without back-up, Max lands in Sierra Leone with his friend’s last words ringing in his ears: ‘They’re coming, Max. They’re coming . . .’

The Break Line is a debut dripping with authenticity and menace. Smart, unputdownable and packed with irresistible set pieces and jaw-dropping plot twists, this is a thriller like no other.


Tawney’s Review: I am a sucker for thrillers.

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Max McLean is an assassin working for the British Intelligence office. He always follows the rules until one day he lets a target live. Oops!

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This target, a woman who doesn’t fit the information he was given, knows his face. That’s a problem and because of this she must die. But Max doesn’t do that and breaks protocol. He’s a true killer who was trained to do his job without emotion. So now his bosses are wondering if he is uncut for the job and disposable. They have two choices for Max’s fate; promote him or kill him.

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He is sent to Sierra Leone where something terrible is happening. Of course Max seems to get in trouble in all the wrong places with the CIA, African rebels and Isreal’s intelligence service. And that was what was fun to read! How was Max going to get out of all this chaos?

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This thriller had fast pace plot with heart pounding action, which kept you at the edge of your seat. There was always a feeling of dread that came over me when I knew Max was about to get into a dicey predicament.  The author does a wonderful job at explaining Max’s world and the vivid detail helps set the setting. I love anti-heroes books and this was no exception. Max was strong and bold but had a conscience. It was fun to follow this complex character and root for him until the very end of the book.

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Should you read this? Yes, a fast pace debut thriller with action that grabs your attention until the very end.



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