Pre-Pub Adventure: February Par 1

It’s time to go on a publishing adventure!

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 Every month we follow authors on their publishing adventure. Have you ever wondered how authors prepare for a book release or what they are working on while also getting ready to publish a new book? How do they multitask? What is publishing like? Find out on Pre-Pub Adventure as we follow authors to publishing their books.

Today we celebrate A.M. Rose book release of Road to Eugenica!

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A.M. Rose

  A.M. Rose  51zRag3r97L

1. Congrats! Your book Road to Eugenica just came out today! How does that feel? 

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It has been a crazy world wind of a day. So many people coming out to wish me a happy book birthday. I even got some special cupcakes to celebrate with my family. It feels so amazing and scary at the same time. Drea’s story is out there for people to judge and all I can do is hope that they love her as much as I do.

2. What are your book launching plans?

My publisher has had me writing a bunch of blog posts and for someone who isn’t a blogger I found it pretty challenging. (Seriously, all you bloggers out there are rock stars.) My launch party is set for this coming up weekend and I’m excited that Road to Eugenica will also be featured by Storygram tours on Instagram.

3. If you had to pick any character from any book, who would you want to meet and what would you do?

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Wow this is a super tough question. I think I would have to say I’d want to hang out for the day at Hogwarts with Luna Lovegood. I think she would be the perfect person to give me a tour. And who wouldn’t want to hang out at Hogwarts for the day.

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Don Zolidis

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1. What have you been up to this month?

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 I have been fighting sickness and writing my second book! I finally managed to work my way to the end of my first draft, and am now through about page 220 of the second draft. As soon as I stagger to the end of this, off it goes to my agent and an independent editor to get advice on all the terrible problems I put into the book!

2. What’s harder to write, a play or a novel?

It is soooo much easier to write a play! Part of that is because I have written so many plays they are second nature at this point. (I’ve published about 100 plays, so I can write a play in my sleep.) Simply put, though, a play is about 50,000 words less than a novel. There’s a lot less actual writing to do. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what anyone looks like, or if anyone is blinking at a given time, or what the weather is doing!

3. If you had to pick any character from any book, who would you want to meet and what would you do?

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Hmm…. Gandalf? It seems like he has really cool friends – like a giant squad of eagles that help him out from time to time. I guess I always wanted to know why he didn’t crack out his magical powers all that often. If I was an amazing wizard, you would bet I’d be casting spells and showing off. Gandalf never did any of that. So I guess I would want to know why he didn’t help that much. I’m sure he could’ve used spells to fry some orcs here and there and help out the Fellowship.

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1. What have you been up to?

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Well, I had been engaged in some much-needed life maintenance, but then last week I was struck down by the New York City plague. I was very lucky to be excellently taken care of by my lovely husband, but until this morning, I didn’t have the energy to do much more than lie on my couch and watch The End of the F***ing World. But, as of this morning, I am alive again and excited to go to ALA this weekend!

2. Your book The Accidental Bad Girl is part of the Thrills and Chills 18 Book Box, how does that feel?

I am so excited about the Thrills and Chills 2018 Book Box Series! The other authors in the giveaway — Dana Mele, Jessica Bayliss, Amelia Brunskill, Amelinda Berube, Amber McLelland, Kit Frick, and Demetra Brodsky — are all fabulous, witty, brilliant women and it’s so cool to be able to help introduce their writing to the world!

Enter here!

3. If you had to pick any character from any book, who would you want to meet and what would you do?

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Miss Jane Marple. A long tea that leads to several glasses of sherry and gossip. I don’t care that I don’t know anyone in Saint Mary Meade. I WANT IT.

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Kelly deVos

kelly_devos     81RFrUyTL5L

1. Your book Fat Girl On A Plane has been sold to Spain! Wahoo! How does that feel? 

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I am SO excited. One of the locations in my book is in Salta, Argentina and now it’s possible my actual book might be on sale there. My dream is that they desperately need me to do a signing. And I AM available. 🙂

2. You’re doing a 4k giveaway, tell us a little about it?

Turquoise donut, spoon and tea on blue background. Art food

Over on Twitter, I’m giving away an advanced copy of one of my favorite books so far of 2018, THE DIMINISHED, by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson. I also wanted to give away a couple of items that play on parts the book. In THE DIMINISHED, almost everyone is born a twin. So my prize includes a super cute set of Twin Pins that show high fiving cats. I’ve also got a pair of crystal moon earrings as a nod of the fact that the action in the book takes place 500 years after the world’s moons have broken apart. I hope everyone enters because this is an incredible book!

Enter here!


3. If you had to pick any character from any book, who would you want to meet and what would you do?

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Ahhh! I don’t know that I could narrow it down to one. Can I have a slumber party with some of today’s YA characters? I’m thinking I’d have Jane Sinner from NICE TRY, JANE SINNER, Mei from AMERICAN PANDA, Vi from THE DIMINISHED, Camellia from THE BELLES, Grace from NOTHING BUT SKY, Mattie from THE ART OF ESCAPING and Serendipity from GUNSLINGER GIRL. We’d have adventures and teacup animals and dancing and dry, witty banter. And snacks. We must have snacks!


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Dana Mele


1. Your book People Like Us comes out in 3 weeks! How does that feel?

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Scary and exciting. Everyone says there’s a huge emotional crash after the book releases, and I’m nervous about that. But it will be exciting to have it out in the world. I’m really looking forward to my launch party on February 28 at McNally Jackson. I was there yesterday for the launch of Down and Across (which I just started reading and is wonderful) and it was so much fun.

But I’m fairly anxious, too. There’s so much riding on the success of a first book and so many amazing books out there. I really have zero idea what to expect. I need to find a new show to binge watch. Taking suggestions!

2. What are you plans once the book launches?

To read more and write more! I need to conquer the book two monster and my TBR pile is growing out of control. I’ll be doing some events, too. I’ll be at the NoVa Teen Book Festival, the Rochester Teen Book Festival, and the NYC Teen Author Festival, and I may be adding a couple of other appearances to my events schedule. I update the calendar my website frequently!

3. If you had to pick any character from any book, who would you want to meet and what would you do?

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That is a hard question. Off the top of my head I would say Jo March from Little Women. We’d spend the day writing and picnicking and I’d grill her on what really went down with Laurie and why she picked the professor, and doesn’t she secretly think Amy is kind of entitled and who’s her favorite idealized old guy: father, Mr. Lawrence, or the prof.

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Mae Respicio

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Yay! Thank you! It’s a contemporary middle grade about a girl named Kaia whose family has been through a tragedy—what she wants more than anything is for their lives to finally get back to normal. She’s obsessed with “mermaid makeup” and Filipino folklore, and uses her passions to come up with a unique plan to help her family. (I’m aiming for equal parts #joy and #getyourtissuesready with this one!)

2. Was it much harder to write the second book than the first?

Yes and no. Yes in that it’s hard to write any book… there will always be moments of self-doubt (I haven’t met any writer who feels otherwise). No in that my debut experience has turned out to be an amazing master class. The chance to work with a revered editor like Wendy Lamb has helped me strengthen my craft for sure, which somehow balances those hard writing days.

3. If you had to pick any character from any book, who would you want to meet and what would you do?

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The middle grade reader in me would meet Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables in a magical spot on Prince Edward Island. We’d become fast friends, drinking raspberry cordials and musing about life and love.

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Jessica Pennington


 1. Your almost finished with book 2’s first draft, how long did it take to write?

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Because I have a job that is seasonal (and a toddler I stay home with), my book 2 drafting was a bit sporadic. It started around this time last year. I wrote for a few months, and then had to put it aside for most of the summer while I put on my wedding planner hat, and then I jumped back into it this fall! I wrote Love Songs in 2014, before I was a mom, mostly between the hours of 10pm and 5am. I sat down to write anytime and anywhere, when inspiration struck. Book 2 I had to be much more structured, and in a lot of ways, I felt like I was re-learning how to write! I’m extremely excited to move into the revision phase, as it’s my favorite part of the process. And I’m going to be SO excited when I conquer book 2. What everyone says is true…it’s much harder than book 1!

2. You have a street team for Love Songs & Other Lies, tell us a little about what you hope your street team accomplishes?

I am SO excited about my street team, it’s a really fantastic group of bookish people! Promoting a book is funny, because you want to get people excited about your book, but also no one has READ your book! So my biggest hole from the street team is just that it’s a really fun place for fans of the book to commiserate, and for us all to have fun promoting the book in an authentic way. So far it’s been a ton of fun, I can’t say enough nice things about the group of people aboard “the tour bus” with me!

3. If you had to pick any character from any book, who would you want to meet and what would you do?

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Oh man. I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t really have an all-time fave book, I’m always obsessed with what I’ve read pretty recently. But if I did meet someone fictional I’d want it to be a really epic experience so I think I’ll say Jace from The Mortal Instruments, and we’d ride the  motorcycle. I’ve never ridden a real motorcycle, so one that flies seems like the obvious place to start, right?

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Adrienne Young

1. What have you been up to since last we checked in?

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I’ve been working like crazy on my second book, a companion novel to Sky in the Deep coming in 2019! Things are speeding up with promo and marketing and I’m learning a lot along the way which has been overwhelming and awesome at the same time.

2. There have been many early great reviews for Sky In The Deep, how does that feel?

It feels amazing that people are “getting” the book. As an author, you really don’t know how people will receive your work or if they will understand what you were trying to do. I’m so happy that this book is clicking with people and that people are excited. I can’t wait for it to come out!

3. If you had to pick any character from any book, who would you want to meet and what would you do?

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I would want to meet Jo March from Little Women. She was the only girl in a book I related to when I was young. She was so strong, with her own mind, and she was incredibly aware of how different she was from the people around her. if I met her in real life, I would honestly just give her a huge hug. And then I would probably weep uncontrollably. Haha.


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 See you next time for Part 2 of our publishing adventure on Pre-Pub Adventure!

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