The Rift Uprising Review

Today’s book was a little different than what I read but it was enjoyable.


Let’s take a look at The Rift Uprising!


Normal seventeen-year-old girls go to high school, binge watch TV shows all weekend, and flirt with everyone on the face of t
he Earth. But Ryn Whitaker is trying to save it.

Ryn is a Citadel. A soldier. A liar. Ryn and her fellow Citadels were specially chosen and trained to guard a Rift—one of fourteen unpredictable tears in the fabric of the universe that serve as doorways to alternate Earths. Unbeknownst to her family, Ryn leaves for school each day and then reports for duty as an elite, cyber
etically-altered soldier who can run faster, jump farther, and fight better than a Navy SEAL—which comes in handy when she’s not sure if axe-wielding Vikings or any number of other scared and often dangerous beings come through the Rift. A fine-tuned weapon, Ryn is a picture-perfect Citadel.

But that’s all about to change.

When a young man named Ezra is pulled through the Rift, Ryn finds herself immediately drawn to him, despite her training. What starts as a physical attraction quickly grows deeper, and Ezra’s curiosity throws Ryn off balance when he starts questioning the Rifts, the mysterious organization that oversees them, and the Citadels themselves—questions that lead Ryn to wonder if the lies she’s been telling her family are just the surface of a much bigger lie told to her. As Ryn and Ezra desperately try to get to that truth, they discover that each revelation blurs the line between the villains and the heroes even more.

Tawney’s Review:  I found I liked the idea of this book with super soldiers and Rifts. Ryn is a super soldier who guards a Rift, a tear in the universe that is a doorway to alternate Earths. Now this could sound familiar with the alternate earths (The Flash) and super soldiers but I really fell into the story.

The book was written in Ryn’s point of view. She was very much a soldier being the leader and following the rules and maintaining a strict attitude. Her character seemed bland until Ezra appeared. He was from another earth and a genius especially with computers. Plus he challenged Ryn, kept her on her toes. We find out that scientist created secret portals to other worlds by accident. Oops.


From these Rifts other beings immerse and are kept in camps to acclimate to Ryn’s Earth. But children are taken to be soldiers or “Citadels” without their parents knowledge to guard their Earth from other beings. They are given chips to enhance them in every way (extreme healing, fighting skills, mutlitpe language knowledge…etc) and they are true super soldiers. Thus enters Ezra from another earth.


The concept and characters of the story was well done. I just couldn’t connect with Ryn and the romance. I would rather Foster had left this out and kept the action up and maybe made subtle details about the romance. There were thrills and secrets reveled that kept the story flowing. This is a crossover for both YA and Adult.

Should you read it? Yes, if you like science and thrills this book is for you.



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