Blog Tour: Soundtrack for Outrun the Moon

Every good book has a soundtrack.


Today I am excited to bring you author Stacey Lee’s soundtrack to her beautifully-written-emotionally-heartbreaking book Outrun the Moon. You can find my review of the book here.

Let’s take a look at Outrun the Moon!


  • Age Range: 12 – 17 years
  • Hardcover: 400 pages
  • Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers (May 24, 2016)

San Francisco, 1906: Fifteen-year-old Mercy Wong is determined to break from the poverty in Chinatown, and an education at St. Clare’s School for Girls is her best hope. Although St. Clare’s is off-limits to all but the wealthiest white girls, Mercy gains admittance through a mix of cunning and a little bribery, only to discover that getting in was the easiest part. Not to be undone by a bunch of spoiled heiresses, Mercy stands strong—until disaster strikes.

On April 18, a historic earthquake rocks San Francisco, destroying Mercy’s home and school. Now she’s forced to wait w
ith her classmates for their families in a temporary park encampment. Though fires might rage, and the city may be in shambles, Mercy can’t sit by while they wait for the army to bring help—she still has the “bossy” cheeks that mark her as someone who gets things done. But what can one teenage girl do to heal so many suffering in her broken city?

Breakout author Stacey Lee masterfully crafts another remarkable novel set against a unique historical backdrop. Strong-willed Mercy Wong leads a cast of diverse characters in this extraordinary tale of survival.



Here’s the soundtrack to Outrun the Moon. I’m just loving this list!

Listen to Outrun the Moon’s playlist here.


Book Soundtrack:


1. Born This Way, Lady Gaga. This song is about self-empowerment, especially for minority communities.

There’s nothin’ wrong with lovin’ who you are

She said, ’cause He made you perfect, babe

So hold your head up,

girl and you’ll go far.



2. Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson

Like Mercy, who goes where no Chinese girl has gone before—an all white girls’ boarding school, Tom, her love interest, has plans of his own. He wants to fly. This song is for both of them.

I’ll spread my wings, and I’ll learn how to fly

I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky.



  1. The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Before she started licking everything, Miley Cyrus recorded this inspirational ballad about pushing through life’s obstacles.



  1. Count on Me, by Bruno Mars. This song is about how far you’d go for your friends. Mercy doesn’t expect to find friendship at St. Clare’s School for Young Women, but after calamity strikes, that’s exactly what she finds.



  1. Fireflies, by Owl City. This song is about bugs and not being able to fall asleep. Mercy has many a sleepless night in this story, and I bet she would’ve liked seeing some fireflies.




  1. Gone, Gone, Gone, by Phillip Phillips. This is a love song; the singer promises his love will last long after she’s gone. “You’re my back bone. You’re my cornerstone.” I imagine Mercy feeling this way about Tom.



  1. Hero, by Mariah Carey. A nineties classic, this one reminds us that a hero is as easy to find as looking in the mirror.



  1. Home, by Michael Bublé. The quintessential homesickness song, and how I imagine Mercy must have felt at the St. Clare’s School for Young Women, away from her family.

May be surrounded by

A million people I

Still feel all alone

I just wanna go home

Oh, I miss you, you know




  1. Like I’m Gonna Lose You, Meghan Trainor, John Legend. Arguably, this is how you should love everyone important to you, as if you’re could lose them at any moment. Hopefully it won’t take an earthquake to appreciate your loved ones.



  1. Satellite Call, Sara Bareilles. A song for the lonely, and one Mercy could appreciate.

You may find yourself in the dead of night

Lost somewhere out there in the great big beautiful sky

We’re all just perfect little satellites

Spinning round and round this broken earthly life.




  1. Shadow of the Day, Linkin Park. A song about losing loved ones, also a poem of tribute.

And the shadow of the day,

Will embrace the world in gray,

And the sun will set for you.



  1. Something Big, by Sean Mendes. Something big is happening, he feels it in his bones. Sean probably wasn’t talking about an earthquake, but we feel it just the same.




  1. Stand, by Rascal Flatts. A song that understands how it feels when you’re down for the count, and helps to pick you back up.

You feel like a candle in a hurricane

Just like a picture with a broken frame

Alone and helpless, like you’ve lost your fight

But you’ll be all right, you’ll be all right



  1. Talking to the Moon, by Bruno Mars. I imagine Mercy might’ve talked to the moon herself a bit when times got rough.



  1. Walkashame, Meghan Trainor Because who hasn’t done something embarrassing and was publicly humiliated for it?


Don’t you love these songs? Again if you want to listen to the Outrun the Moon Soundtrack listen here.

Stacey Lee is a fourth generation Chinese-American whose people came to California during the heydays of the cowboys. She believesstacey lee she still has a bit of cowboy dust in her soul. A native of southern California, she graduated from UCLA then got her law degree at UC Davis King Hall. After practicing law in the Silicon Valley for several years, she finally took up the pen because she wanted the perks of being able to nap during the day, and it was easier than moving to Spain. She plays classical piano, raises children, and writes YA fiction.

Find Stacey Online!


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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