Spotlight Thursday: Wonder Woman at Super Hero High

The world loves super heroes….who happen to be all men.


But now there seems to be a movement and it’s about damn time! We are seeing more movie and book news out there about heroine!


Random House in participation with DC, is releasing a cool concept of DC Superhero Girls! There are even some cute toys I might have to buy! I’m a Harley Quinn girl so this is fantastic to have all these amazing female heroines¬†together! Check out all the info here.

Let’s take a look at Wonder Woman at Super Hero High!

  • Series:¬†Dc Super Hero Girls
  • Hardcover:¬†240 pages
  • Publisher:¬†Random House Books for Young Readers (March 1, 2016)


This groundbreaking new middle grade series follows DC Comics’ most iconic female Super Heroes and Super-Villains . . . as high schoolers. At Super Hero High, the galaxy’s most powerful teens nurture their powers and master the fundamentals of what it means to be a hero.

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Tawney’s Review:¬†

I love the women of DC universe. So it’s nice to see a book about their younger selves. Super Hero High is home to the world’s young future heroes and villains. Enter Wonder Woman,¬†who has never left home before, as the new student. Oh the mayhem that follows!

wonder 2

Wonder Woman At Super Hero High is the first book in the new DC Super Hero Girls series by Lisa Yee, which focuses on all our favorite female super heroes and villains in their teenage years. A breath of fresh air in a world dominated by male superheroes.



Yee does a wonderful job at keeping the characters traditional to their older selves, while keeping it¬†age appropriate. It’s nice to see¬†Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Hawkgirl, Katana, and more brought to life with new energy and vigor.There are also familiar male faces such as¬†Beast Boy, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Captain Cold, and more, but this book emphasizes¬†the ladies of the hero universe, which by god we needed!¬†¬†Yee¬†brings some new excitement into this world for young readers.¬†This is a¬†great¬†book with humor, action, drama and girl power.


It was fun to see Wonder Woman navigate the world of teens and social media with unwanted attention, bullies, the pressure to please parents and more. Lee does a wonderful job at throwing these obstacles together, which all teens experience and can relate too.  One thing that helps Wonder Woman is friendship. Friendship was the heart of the story and the girls around Wonder Woman play a key role in the novel. It was just fun seeing all the characters I grew up with together in one setting. The book ends wonderfully by introducing the next Heroine in the series that makes me yearn for more.

Should you read it? Yes! A fantastic read that takes what we know of the DC world and adds a refreshing new light to the heroines’ younger selves.¬†A super read that all ages would enjoy.



Thank you Random House for sending a copy of Wonder Woman at Super Hero High for review. In no way does this affect my opinion.


Love Tawney


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