What we are working on!

January is almost done and we’re checking in on what we’ve been up to.


How’s the writing going? What have we been doing this month? What are we reading? Let’s find out!


When someone asks what I’m currently working on I have to laugh- not intending to be rude, but in response to my dilemma. I’m one of those people who like to wait until the last minute to finish a project. I like to cram everything I can onto my to-do-list (Wonder why I get so stressed?). So… it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m currently working on two stories at the same time. Yep! Not one but two!


I guess it stems from all the time I spent on Blonde Eskimo. BE (Blonde Eskimo) was a long process and the only story I worked on in the last eight years. It’s been through several editors and I have more than fifteen different drafts of BE. I felt burnt out but needed to continue my character’s story with a sequel. To put it bluntly, it’s like going to the dentist. I didn’t want to do it, I couldn’t do it but I had to do it. What I really needed to do was write something new.


I’ve had several story ideas circulating in my mind. Different characters and plots navigating around my brain like planets to their sun, waiting to be plucked out of space and put onto paper. Suddenly, it was like the Big Bang. BAM! There was an evolution of words and a story was magically being created before my eyes- Vikings, a motorcycle gang, magic, twins, Armageddon.


The Viking story….. Where BE was based on my Eskimo Heritage (mother’s side), the Viking story is based on my Swedish heritage (father’s side). Yes, not only was I a decedent of Alaskan Natives but also Vikings. I’m several chapters into this story and I love it. It’s refreshing to start something new and encouraging to know that I can still write. This led me to start the first couple chapters of the BE sequel. The words weren’t forced but flowed easily. The enjoyment was back and it was nothing like going to the dentist. I am ready to do it. I actually want to do it.

do it

These stories are easy to write because they are both apart of the Spirit World series I’m creating. My Viking story will be a part of a set of stand-alone books based in the Spirit World and a companion story to BE. Hopefully, I’ll get them finished in the next couple of months because I have several more stories waiting to be told, including a middle grade series about dreams and nightmares. A unicorn is the main character in this story (I had to, no choice. My unicorn obsession is too strong.)!

I can’t wait to update everyone when we do our WHAT WE ARE WORKING ON BLOG next month!

Happy reading and writing, my friends! ❤




Ok. I have a problem. I don’t edit. I just move on to a new story idea. Maybe that’s why I have 6 novels that have not been edited, redrafted, or even touched after I finish them. I move on. I think I’m scared to even remotely try to edit. What if this one sucks and I wasted my time? I question my writing ideas and everything that deals with the novel. I move on because it’s easier.


I’m happy to say that I’m editing! I may be writing a new story idea along with the editing, but hey..I’m editing!


I’m editing a YA Fantasy that I can’t truly describe without it sounding bizarre. It’s a complex story that I definitely need to work on the world building and characters. But as I was editing I realized that someone new popped into my story, a hot angry prince.


It’s ok. I’m going to roll with it. Maybe he needs to be in the story and their is a purpose to his appearance. Whatever the case, I’m making time to edit everyday and meeting up with great friends who help encourage me to write. Thank you Tara, Racquel and Alysha!

I’ve been reviewing some good books lately. All mysteries. I’m really into adult mysteries right now. Here are a few I’ve read and enjoyed.

what dogs 2 passengers

Here are some new YA books I received that I can’t wait to dive in and read!

maps rebel wish

I hope to go to more writer workshops and enhance my writing next monty. If you know of any I would love the information! As for now it’s editing, editing, EDITING!


Until next time

Love Tawney


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