Get Back Review

The Beatles. If you haven’t heard of the Fab Four…you will now that they are streaming on iTunes and all other social media.

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They were iconic in the rock and pop movement of the 60s. I’ve always loved their music. The funny thing was I only started listening to them not so long ago. Man their music is fantastic!

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What if you could go back in time and meet the Beatles? Let’s take a look at Get Back by Donovan Day.



Imagine going back in time and befriending The Beatles at the height of their fame. Imagine seeing “the boys” interact onstage and off, hanging out with them in the dance clubs of London, visiting John & Paul at Paul’s house across from Abbey Road Studios.

Imagine all the questions they’d ask when they learn you’re from the future – questions about how music is recorded, whether their music will last, if anyone will people remember The Beatles. And then John Lennon asks the biggest question of them all – “What will become of me?”

That last question sets 17-year-old Lenny Funk off on the adventure of his young life with a goal that seems impossible – to stop John Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman!

Lenny Funk is able to time travel thanks in part to his grandfather’s old iPod Nano which is loaded with classic music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Together with new friend Yoko (yes, she’s named after that Yoko), Lenny “time slips” backwards to a world he thought he’d missed where he meets some of his musical heroes, including the Beatles, Jim Morrison and James Taylor, among others.

Lenny must make some difficult and heart-breaking decisions. Should he change the course of history or not? And what are the consequences if he does? Would John reunite with Paul? Would he remain married to Yoko and, if not, who would be his next wife?

Tawney’s Review:

This time traveling tale was a fun read!

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The Beatles were so popular back then and now with their music streaming on the internet for all to hear, this book comes at the perfect time for teens. The author did a wonderful job at keeping the culture of the past and future together in one funny book. The author does a fabulous job of getting the personalities of the Beatles.

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Lenny travels back in time with a girl name Yoko to meet the Beatles. But Yoko has ulterior motives! The plot comes together at the end with a satisfying conclusion. A fun story with fast pace humor and a great setting. I couldn’t put it down until the end!

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Should you read it? YES! A fun read that incorporates Beatlemania, time travel and romance. This fast paced book brings you into a world from that past, which takes you behind the scenes of some iconic people. A unique book with a fabulous take on history.


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