My NaNo Experience

November has come and gone, which means another National Novel Writing Month season is done. This was my second year participating in this event and I think I did better this year than last year, though it was hard!


I was on vacation for the first week of NaNo but once I returned I dived into my YA fantasy. I decided to give myself a jump start and wrote the first half in October, so I could finish it in November. Last year I only wrote 35,000 words for NaNo, which is good, but I was hoping to finishing my novel in November. I finished it in January. So this year I wrote about 20,000 extra words to get me started.


I have to say that having a support group while writing NaNo helped immensely. Racquel from Writer’s Atelier hosted NaNo write ins twice a week! That’s two days of writing with others who can push you to go further than you thought.


Even on my own I had friends pushing me to get my words everyday. Sometimes I would get over 2000-4000 words a day and other times I would get less than 600. But that was better than writing nothing at all. But as time grew and the writing became more demanding I felt like this wouldn’t end.

nano 2

I kept at it. I wrote and wrote until the screen became blurry, until my hands and head hurt. I wanted to quit because I didn’t write everything I wanted and left notes to fill in those parts later. I was ready for a break.


But if I stopped I don’t think I would have had the momentum to finish. I’ve been told to just write, yes it will be crap but once you get it out of your head you can fix it later. I kept that in mind and continued to write Softwind’s story. I became a little giddy as I saw the end drawing near.


I took the time everyday to write, whether it was for a couple hours or the entire day. My mind wanted to explode with all the information my slow fingers were to type out. I wished there was a way to just connect my brain to my computer and in one flash my story could be written.


No one said writing was easy. There are so many steps you go throught to finishing a novel. I have immense appreciation to authors who release more than one book a year. I strive to that excellence and continued to write. The last day of NaNo I had 50,000 words but I wasn’t done. I reached NaNo’s goal but not my own. I knew I needed to write one more day to finish my YA Fantasy. One more day! I could see the light!


 I finished the story the next day with a total of 75,000 words. YES! So now I have stepped back for a couple of days to rest my weary brain. I’ll go back to it ready to edit and add the things I didn’t get to put in it the first time.

A writer is a hard worker, so my writing friends keep at it. You rock those words and keep going because I want to see your book out in the world. I want to read it and hold it in my hands like the treasure it is.


Love Tawney


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