Twinning Tuesday: Soundless Book Review

I never knew I was looking for a book that stole my attention and took me away on a breathless adventure with great characters. Not until I went on vacation.


This was my view and I felt like we were in Neverland. I’ve never been so relaxed in my life. I had thought that I would get some writing done for NaNo but that didn’t happen. What I did do was read a lot. And out of all the books I finished Soundless in one day and the characters stayed with me for awhile. When you think about a book after you read it, that’s a good book.


Let’s take a look at Soundless!


  • Hardcover:Ā 272 pages
  • Publisher:Ā Razorbill (November 10, 2015)

For as long as Fei can remember, there has been no sound in her village, where rocky terrain and frequent avalanches prevent residents from self-sustaining. Fei and her people are at the mercy of a zipline that carries food up the treacherous cliffs from Beiguo, a mysterious faraway kingdom.

When villagers begin to lose their sight, deliveries from the zipline shrink and many go hungry. Feiā€™s home, the people she loves, and her entire existence is plunged into crisis, under threat of darkness and starvation.

But soon Fei is awoken in the night by a searing noise, and sound becomes her weapon.

Richelle Mead takes readers on a triumphant journey from the peak of Feiā€™s jagged mountain village to the valley of Beiguo, where a startling truth and an unlikely romance will change her life forever….

Order you copy!



Tawney’s Review:

The cover is beautifully done. Who couldn’t help but be drawn to it? But the book’s plot had me intrigued when I first discovered it at BEA. Soundless is a fantasy novel based on Chinese mythology with Fei as our main character. Her people live in small mining community on top of a mountain and have been trapped their for a long time. They are deaf and canĀ only communicate with sign language. The miners work tirelessly to mine pricelessĀ metals that are sent down to the village below so in return they get food. But some of the miners are becoming blind and when Fei’s younger sister starts loosing her sight, Fei tries to find a way to save her and her village.

soundless 2

Fei is the perfect heroine for this books. She is a fantastic artist who only thinks of her sister since their parents died. One night Fei has a strange dream only to wake up with her hearing restored. The journey she takes is harsh but Fei’s faith never wavers and she continues her journey with the help ofĀ Li Wei.

soundless 3

Li Wei is a miner and the love interest of Fei. He is a strong secondary character with skills as a wood working, that comes in handy later. Fei accompanies him to the town below the mountainĀ to understand why the food has stopped and ask for help. It’s a dangerous trek but with her hearing restored she helps them escape falling rocks and soldiers. There’s a tension between the two since Fei became a high artist and miners are looked down upon, even thought they mine the metals needed for food. I loved their interaction together, you could feel the pain they have of loving each other from afar. It’s so swoon worthy!

soundless 6

The way Richelle describes Fei’s encounters with new sounds is so vivid and well done. I felt like I could hear everything that Fei heard. Richelle did a perfect job at allowing Fei to understand what she is hearingĀ and weĀ get to explore with her what thoseĀ sounds are.

I loved the fantasy elements that appeared at the end of the book. Richelle did a wonderful job at world building and incorporating Chinese mythology into the story to wrap up everything nicely at the end. She always creates wonderful characters and action adventure. The ending had me at the edge of my seat!

Should you read it? Yes! A wonderfully unique story that brings adventure at the turn of every page. I couldn’t put this book down and carried it everywhere with me



Love Tawney



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