The Power of Stephen King

I’ve been writing for a while now. It’s always been a thing for me since 6th grade. But I’ve always been a reader too. I had a difficult time reading in first grade so my Mom signed my sister and I up for a tutor. I hated it. Always going to read after school and on weekends. It took so much of my time up!

no more

Then one day my brain opened up and I found I was taken to another world on each visit. I could escape reality in these books. So I dug my heels in and let myself be devoured by each page. It was exhilarating. Characters jumped from the pages and became a part of my life. I looked forward to each visit and with dedication I was reading above my grade level. I wanted to read more!


I started with Goosebumps and the world of horror became my obsession. I was flowing through each book and soon I was diving into the world of adult fiction. Mom knew I loved horror so she brought me to the bookstore to show her favorite horror authors, Dean Koontz and Stephen King.  I picked up a few books by each author, but one book caught my attention the most. It had a picture of a clown on it.


Mom was concern because it was such a thick book. She thought I might struggle. But I wanted to read it because it had kids as the protagonists. Though I did have some struggle reading it because it was more advanced than I thought, I was just 9 years old, by the time I was done I had a great fascination with King’s books. He brought the monstrous tale of an insidious¬†clown to life with a great cast of characters. His vivid descriptions kept me turning each page. So I picked up his other books like Pet Cemetery and The Stand. Then I found his short stories…which have some of the best characters! A Good Marriage, Autopsy Room 4, Mile 81, Children of the Corn, The Mist, The Body, The Shawshank Redemption, and more where some of the best stories I’ve read. A great need to write started prickling in the back of my brain. So I started to write, not horror mind you, but with my kid brain I wrote about my other obsession…dragons!


It wasn’t easy. I never finished a story or novel but I kept writing for fun. Years later I began to take it seriously and started signing up for classes. Then one day I was told by a professor to get Stephen King’s On Writing. Wait¬†what? My favorite author wrote a book for writers?!

writing 2         exciemtne

So I picked it up and read it.¬†The books spoke of King’s life as a writer and honed in on the writer’s craft. It was something I desperately needed but wasn’t aware¬†of it¬†until now. I found this book inspiring and ignite my passion for writing with such enthusiasm that I wrote my first novel, from start to finish, in two months. It was a disaster but I had finally finished a book! I attended writing conferences and author signings. There¬†are wonderful points you can learn at these events to enhance your writing, understanding the writing world, and what other authors go through. I highly recommend if you are a new writer or have been writing for a while to attended conferences, classes and signings. You learn so much.

So as I sit here writing my fifth novel-I have yet to find one I feel is “the one” to query and edit, but that is for another post- I have the dreaded writer’s block. So I picked up King’s On Writing and glanced through my highlights. I then picked up his newest short stories release The Bazaar of Bad Dreams¬†and read a couple of stories. My brain relaxed and I fell¬†under King’s spell once again. The itch to write returned. Everyone has a way to deal with writer’s block, mine goes to King and his ingenious¬†words. He somehow pulls me out of the darkness of my mind and I have my ah ha moment.


I highly recommend you read King’s book On Writing. It will give you a wonderful insight in the writing world with fantastic pointers to the process of writing. Here is another book I find helpful while writing called¬†The Emotional Thesaurus. It¬†helps with different types of emotions for characters and the many words and actions¬†that go with that meaning.

Good luck on your writing!

Love Tawney Twin

One thought on “The Power of Stephen King

  1. I read Stephen Kings’s On Writing about six months ago. I agree with you, Tawney. The book is interesting and inspiring. I pull ithe book up on my Kindle periodically and scroll through my highlighted sections. It gives me what I need to push on. Great Blog!

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