Holy BEA Batman!

So last week we went to BEA (Book Expo America) and Holy cow Batman!


We survived!


What an experience it was. This year was different for me than last year. I went not only as a blogger of two other wonderful blogs, The Writer Diaries and Seeing Double in Neverland, but as a librarian assistant. I branched out on genres to middle grade, New Adult and adult. I mostly read Young Adult. I found many intriguing books to bring back to my library to show my boss and staff. I walked away with a wonderful experience and new friends!

So let the Book Expo America experience begin!

bea 6

Lines begin early. I got to the Javits center roughly around 7:20ish. I heard people line up at 6 am! There was a good crowd in front of me but I wasn’t too worried. But then the anxiety sets in regarding what to do and where to go when it opens, but with all the cool bloggers around you it’s the best way to make friends.

best friends

I did swap many business cards with other bloggers. This was a good investment before coming to BEA. I wanted to stay in touch and it helped having them.

The time ticks away and soon we are all running, yes running into the center to find books! Especially the Truthwitch tickets, or Passenger signing. The running was a little ridiculous but there were so many great books ready to be picked up. I’m not sure the running was necessary because if you have a good spot in line you will get the books you want. Kristen got Black Widow by Margaret Stohl!

 bea 3

So many drops and signings were going on at once that it was hard to choose. ALWAYS be prepared. We made an excel sheet of what authors and drops we wanted to go to. We also followed the BEA  mobile ap. But sometimes we didnt make it in time.

I can't

It was disappointing but the publishers and staff try to get you through the lines and to your book. We did have a line we waited in for an hour and half and then told we wouldn’t be getting a book or meeting the author. Of course we were upset but the publisher was great and I eventually got the book later. So don’t get upset. You are bound to get the book and if not always reach out to the publisher. You never know what could happen.

The days past by and we received many books. I shipped them back because it would be cheaper than adding another suitcase. Go figure!

BEA was a blast! Here are just a few of the books we got that were must haves!bea 13

I have to say it was a fun experience. The authors, publishers and bloggers are fabulous and I can’t wait to go next year. Which the next BEA is in Chicago!


Will we see you there?

Love Tawney Twin


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