When It Becomes Too Much

Today I’m going to get serious. I’ve moved to the other side of the country. I left all my family and friends behind. If you noticed, I’ve been absent much more from social media than I usually am. I’ve been struggling with my writing and blogging.


I was thrilled to finish my YA fantasy last month and rolled my sleeves up to get ready for editing. My family came to visit and all my emotions of moving came back. I retreaded from the social world and writing world. Negative thoughts began to swirl in my mind that I wasn’t good enough for blogging or writing. The anxiety set in.


It’s hard to trudge on when you’re feeling low and anxious. I haven’t done my duties for blogging. I see all these other blogs flourishing and I’m wondering…does my blog reach anyone? Is is relevant and does anyone care what I blog about?  I love books! I want to talk about it with everyone who wants to listen. But, it’s a hard world to get noticed in a sea of wonderful blogs and bloggers.

I’m also questioning my writing. I have five novels I’ve written, which desperately need to be edited! Are they good enough? Will people connect with my characters? Is there an agent out there who will love the story just as much as I do? The emotions are tough to handle when it come to writing.

writing is hard

So, shaking off the negativity and low feelings, I’ve decided something. I can’t keep feeling this way. It’s not healthy. So I must do something.

do it

I’m going to write. With the time away I should be able to edit with a clear view.  Maybe it was a good thing to step away. I’m going to blog. I’m going to be positive and continue to talk about the books I love. This negativity and sadness that has overcome me won’t get the best of me. I have a support of writers and I think I need their support right now. So I better reach out!


If you’re feeling doubt about your writing and you don’t know what to do…don’t hide like I did and shun the world. Reach out for support. This week I think I need it, so first thing I will FaceTime with my sister Kristen, and cry. Then I’m going to reach out to my Kick AZ writer group. Finally, I’ll reach out to my contacts here, in Florida. I have to realize that I’m not alone. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Support is the key.

Maybe this is my year, I’ll finish editing and start querying. Sure there will be anxiety there but I finally moved forward and put my book out there! I need to take steps forward rather than backwards.

Happy Writing everyone! Stay positive and write on!


Love Tawney Twin



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