Monday Funday with Author Kristen Hunt!

Today is a special day peeps!


Today I interview my twin Kristen and reveal her book cover! She’s been working hard on this book and I’m so proud of her! She designed the totem on the front cover and  several more that will be made into temporary tattoos.


Let’s take a look at Blonde Eskimo!




blonde eskimo

Publisher: Spark Press, A BookSpark’s imprint. A division of SparkPoint Studio, LLC

Neiva Ellis knew the town of Spirit, Alaska held some kind of secret; a secret that her Grandmother and the whole town were keeping from her. It was something so mysterious that Neiva was determined to find out what it was, but she wasn’t prepared for what lay ahead. On the night of her seventeenth birthday, the Eskimo’s rite of passage, Neiva is suddenly thrown into another world; a world full of mystical creatures, old traditions, and a masked stranger who awakens feelings deep within her heart. Along with her best friends, she uncovers the truth behind the town of Spirit and herself, but when an evil force threatens those closest to her Neiva will stop at nothing to defend her family and friends.

Eskimo traditions and legends become real as two worlds merge together to fight a force so ancient and evil it could destroy not only Spirit but the rest of humanity.

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Now to the interview!

dr evil

1. What inspired you to write?  

Kristen: Well, my very talented twin sister is the one who inspired me to write. (wink wink). She’s the one that told me to let the stories flow from my brain down into my hand….to let them be free where new adventures and worlds will be born.


Awwww thank you Kristen!

2. What is your writing routine?    

Kristen: HAHA! Compared to you? Who’s so organized and outlines everything? I just write. I have no organizational skills. This book had 10 to 12 drafts by the time I was done. If you read the first draft, which I started almost 5 years ago, you would see a big difference. It’s been through several editors and  I cried a lot through this whole process. But I know my routine is going to change and you’ll be the big cause of it.  With the book you and I are doing together, I know I will be doing outlines, character building and the whole enchilada. So, it will be a huge change…a nice change. and I am sure I will have a new routine in the end 🙂


3. Tell us something crazy about yourself!    

Kristen: I’m allergic to watermelons and afraid of elevators. Watermelon make my lips swell up to where it looks like I had bad lip injections. I think you recently slipped watermelon into my fruit one year to see if I was still allergic….Huge lips for two days! Hard to explain to the boss…….  And yes, elevators. I thank the movie Speed for that one…..meh

4. What do you like to have with you while writing? Coffee? Candy?  



Tawney: Coffee!! I need that extra push or I might fall asleep while I’m writing…and it’s happened a couple of times.. zzzzzzzzzzz


5. You like to cosplay, what do you like to dress up as? Why do you love it so much? 



Kristen: I love getting body painted and dressing up with my friends. I don’t do it a lot but when I do it’s fun. You can say it’s like writing. You become the character and bring the character to life for your audience. My favorite cosplay was venom, when I did the venom and carnage shoot with my talented friend Freddie Nova. It was a great project that I got to be apart of. and I feel very honored to have been apart of it.  I’m finishing up a cyborg project with a creative fx makeup artist. This is a character he helped me create and I hope to use her in a future story about cyborgs with a steampunk edge. So, I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I’ll get pictures up soon.  🙂

Thank you so much for sharing your writing adventure today! I’m so proud of you!

About the Author:kristen

Kristen Hunt is an artist and writer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She is an avid fan of movies, graphic novels and Young Adult literature. Anything evolving fantasy and supernatural experiences captures her interests. As a young child Kristen visited her family in Nome, Alaska and learnedof her Eskimo heritage. Her Grandmother, known as the blonde Eskimo because of her golden hair and blue eyes, told Kristen the many legends found throughout Alaska, such as the Ishegocks, totems, and much more. It was these stories that inspired Kristen to write her current novel.

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Until next time!


Love Tawney Twin


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