Monday Funday with Francesca Zappia

It’s Monday!


Now don’t fret! We have some fun in store for you today. It’s Monday Funday, where we ask authors fun questions! Today we’re going to have some fun with author Francesca Zappia!


About Francesca:chessie

Francesca Zappia lives in Indiana, majors in Computer Science at the University of Indianapolis, and still isn’t sure exactly how that happened. She spends most of her time writing, reading, drawing, watching anime, and playing way too much Pokémon. Some of her stories have nice neat endings, and others don’t have very neat endings at all.

You can find her on Twitter:

And on DeviantArt.

Now the game beings!



1. What is your go to writing source, whether it’s coffee or drawing?


I will probably die if I ever ingest coffee. Actually, music is my main writing source. When I need to brainstorm, music gets the wheels turning. I do occasionally have to turn it off to really focus on a scene, but usually, if I’m writing, the music is on.


2. If you had to pick an book character to meet…who would it be?


Hm. Maybe Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. I’ve always loved that guy, and I feel like we’re about the same speed, socially speaking. Ooh, or Luthe, from The Hero and the Crown. Luthe knows how to live–chilling in a palace in the woods on a mountain, with no people around. Maybe me and Lupin and Luthe could all go hang out in Luthe’s mountain palace.


3. Tell us something crazy about yourself!


Um. Lettuce is my favorite food? I eat like a bowl of lettuce a day. Not salad–don’t need any cheese or croutons or any of that nonsense in there–just leaf lettuce with some olive oil and lemon juice and salt. It’s the best thing ever.

Wow I wish I like lettuce. I might have to try that.


4. If you were abducted by aliens and you could bring one thing, what would it be?


Maybe, like, some really good socks. 


5 Any advice for new writers?

Write what makes you happy. Happy writers are 200% more likely to improve than angry and frustrated writers. (That being said, sometimes writing what makes you happy will also make you angry and frustrated. Push through it.)

Thank you so much for joining us Francesca!
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May your Monday be great! Until next time!


The Twins

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