Monday Funday: Epic Reads tour with Victoria Aveyard, Cynthia Hand and Jasmine Warga.

Epic Reads tour came rolling through Florida Friday and I was overwhelmed.


Somehow the tour came to Orlando. It could be due to Harry Potter WORLD.


The room filled up very quickly and everyone seemed to mingle and have fun!


There before me in all their author glory was Victoria AveyardCynthia Hand and Jasmine Warga. As they settled in their seats the room becomes quiet with a buzz of anticipation coursing through everyone. The BN bookseller introduced each author and began to ask questions.


Everyone listed intently. I should have been writing down notes but unfortunately I was too intent on listening. Lol. So the authors talked about their books and what inspires them. I’m truly drawing a blank now but I have pictures!

Once finished, it was time to get my books signed! Insert squeal of delight.

signing   318c1-red2bqueen

Victoria is just as fantastic in person! I’ve had the pleasure of having her participate  in my Pre-Publishing Adventures on The Writer Diaries. WOW, she went from writing screen plays to writing a novel. A #1 New York Times bestselling novel! Her debut novel exceeded all my expectations. Now I just need book 2. LOL


Cynthia went from writing her angel books to a serious contempt book about suicide. WOW! A book that kicks your heart too many times. She was so nice signing my book and I can’t wait for her new one in the works with Jodi Meadows.


jasmine  18336965.jpg

 Jasmine is such a sweetheart! Her new book takes on the serious topic of depression. It’s such a great view on a topic that needs to be discussed. It’s a book that will make you ugly cry, and sniffle and just keep thinking about it all day.


Well, with every party comes an end.


I had a blast and met some new people from twitter. It’s always a wonderful joy to meet people you follow. And to meet the authors you just love.


Now to the winner of my twitter giveaway! picked the winner….@YAFantasyFan! Congrats! DM me your address.


Tawney Twin


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