Book Friday: Inked by Eric Smith

I have contemplated getting a tattoo.


The pain and permanent fixture scares me. I haven’t had the nerve to get one. Now if they were anything from Eric Smith’s book Inked, I would get one. Moving tattoos that glow? Hell yeah!


Let’s take a look at Eric Smith’s Inked.


  • Print Length: 217 pages
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Spark; 1 edition (January 20, 2015)
Imagine a tattoo that moves and changes, and yet will determine your future. When citizens come of age, a Scribe “Inks” them, creating these tattoos that tell you who you are and what you will do. In a world without choice, only the Unprinted are rumored to have a semblance of freedom.
As the Scribes arrive, Caenum is tempted to run away, leaving behind his grandmother and his best friend Dreya. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Caenum is dragged into a race for freedom when a boy Scribe is newly Inked and finds himself to be a Conduit: A person who magic awakened by the Ink running under his skin. When the Citadel Guards destroy his entire town and the residents, Caenum, Dreya, and the Scribe Kenzi must keep themselves safe not only from the Citadel but also the assassin Molivar.

My Review: Tattoos that move and change with the seasons. Tattoos that glow. In the world of Inked, the tattoos determine your future. When children come of age, Scribes ink them to create the tattoos that will tell them what they will do in life. There is no choice in this matter. Those without tattoos are known as Unprinted. They have more of a freedom even when they are looked down upon.


When Caenum comes of age to receive his tattoos, he wants to run away. He doesn’t want a tattoo to determine his life but fears leaving behind his Grandma and best friend Dreya. But something happens the day the scribes come to town. An explosion and a mysterious boy named Kenzi arrives with glowing tattoos among a raging storm. He’s a Conduit, someone who’s magic awakened with the ink. The Citadel finds out and destroys Caenum’s town, killing many. Now on the run Caenum, Dreya, and Kenzi find safety in a sanctuary. Here Caenum finds his long lost father and other Conduits.

I loved the beginning, when the tattoos move and glow. The powers that come with the tattoos brought an Xmen vibe. The story flowed but when they reached sanctuary I began to lose interest, particularly in one incident with Caenum’s father. I didn’t connect with Caenum or the other characters save for one who really didn’t speak or play a big part in the story. What kept me going was the description of the tattoos and powers. It’s a great read for teens and children but I found it lacking something, what I’m not sure. The story had a good concept but it didn’t hold my interest as much as I like. It just fell short at the end.

Should you read it? Yes, you might like what I didn’t. The tattoos were fabulous and the description vivid. I just couldn’t connect with the characters or the ending.


eric *I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Eric Smith is an author, blogger, gamer, and publishing geek living and writing in Philadelphia

His latest book, The Geek’s Guide to Dating, was published by Quirk Books in December 2013, and was an Amazon 2013 Best Book of the Year selection in Humor. He still can’t believe that happened.

His first Young Adult novel, Inkedwill debut with Bloomsbury Spark in January of 2015.

Follow Eric on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or his blog.

When tattoos can move then maybe we can have our own powers!


Love Tawney Twin

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