Terrible Title Blog Hop

I was tagged by my CP Krystal Marquis for the Terrible Title Blog Hop. It’s a great way to have some fun with your manuscript. First, scroll through a WIP and let your cursor randomly land somewhere. Next, take that phrase or sentence and ta-da! You have a pretty terrible title. Repeat this about eight times and see what you come up with!

1. Obsidian Knife

2. Flying Colorful Magic

3. Color of Death

4. His magic makes it rain

5. Magic is Dead

6. Ungrateful Bastard

7. A Bland has lack of emotions

8. The Griffin ate the bread

Ok…. those are horrible titles.


Here are my terrible titles. It was fun! So those titles have me wanting to finish this WIP/ In fact, I want to make titles for my chapters now, but not terrible titles. As you can tell from my titles I’m working on a YA fantasy and hope to finish the first draft soon.

Riki Cleveland, my awesome KICK-AZ CP, I choose you! Let’s see what Terrible Titles you come up with!

Love Tawney Twin



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