Monday Funday: The Twin Chronicles!

Hello friends!

Today I’m talking about twins. In twins, I mean Tawney and I.


There’s a lot of things different about us especially in our writing! There are similarities and differences in our writing.

Twins aren’t identical. Don’t let the looks fool you.


We may look alike, laugh the same, know what the other one is thinking or even sound the same at times (usually when we’re fighting)…BUT we’re very different in so many ways. I was reminded of one of these differences just the other day…
It happened on the day my sister and I agreed to write our first story together! Yay! (You think we would have done this ages ago?). I was very excited that she wanted to write with me. She’s very talented and our writing style and voice sound similar. I  became motivated and I was determined that I wasn’t going to let her down. I tend to wait to do things at the last minute (like this blog). I kept thinking ‘I must get a brief plot summary to her and a chapter to get things going.This would be enough to get her stared with the project.

let's get started

Then I got THE email. -Kristen, please send me an outline of the story, a character outline/description, a plot description and any notes/ideas you have regarding the story.- I think my mouth fell to the floor as I read the email in shock. What? I have to do what?? When I have a story idea I write and build it as I go. I get the story out of my head and just go with the flow. Tawney is about structure and building the foundation of the story before the writing begins (which is awesome and I hope to learn this trait from her). But man, we’re twins and I thought she knew what I was thinking and what I wanted with the story. Haha. I thought this would be easy but I was wrong. So, this is going to be fun.  I can’t wait to share our experience because I know it’s going to be full of bickering, laughing, wine, yelling, and phone hang ups.


Well, I’m off to start the outline that was due to Tawn tomorrow! Until next time on the Twin Chronicles!

Love Kristen Twin


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