Look out Wednesday: What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott

We’ve talked about fantasy books and dystopian books. The next book we can’t wait to read is a thriller!


We love a good mystery and this one sounds fantastic. Going into the woods can be scary, especially sleeping over. Strange sounds, pure darkness. Your imagination runs wild. We should know because our family lives in Alaska and we have some stories to tell while camping in the woods. We’ll save that for another time. This book brings those creepy feelings back. I totally want to see what happens to Callie and the others. In a book world full of fantasy and dystopian it’s refreshing to see something unique. I love fantasy and dystopian, don’t get me wrong. But when I heard about his book I was hooked.


It was promptly added to our TBR list. Take a look and get hooked too!



  • Hardcover: 288 pages

  • Publisher: Point (March 31, 2015)

Seeing things. You were just seeing things.

For city girl Callie Velasquez, nothing sounds more terrifying than a night out in the wilderness. But, wanting to bond with her popular new friends, Lissa and Penelope, she agrees to join them on a camping trip. At least Callie’s sweet new boyfriend, Jeremy, will be coming too.
But nothing goes as planned. The group loses half their food supply. Then they lose their way. And with strange sounds all around her–the snap of a twig, a sinister laugh–Callie wonders if she’s losing her mind.
Tensions swirl among the group, with dark secrets suddenly revealed. And then, things take a fatal turn: Callie stumbles upon a cold dead body in the woods.
Is the murderer close by, watching them? Callie has to figure out where she can turn and who she can trust, before her own life is at stake.
Kieran Scott weaves a thrilling mystery that explores love, loyalty–and the dangerous decisions we make in order to survive.

 About the Author: Kieran Scott is a young adult author who was born, bred and still resides in New Jersey along with her husbankeriand Matt and her two-year-old son. A graduate of Rutgers University with a double-major in English and Journalism, Kieran worked as a YA editor for several years before striking out on her own as a writer. Her first hardcover novel, Jingle Boy (Delacorte Press), was published in 2002. Her next book, I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2005) was an ALA Quick Pick, an NYPL Book for the Teen Age, and was featured on the Texas Library Association’s TAYSHAS Reading List for 2006-2007. The book spawned two sequels, Brunettes Strike Back (2006), and A Non-Blonde Cheerleader in Love (2007). Kieran’s fifth hardcover novel, Geek Magnet, was published by Putnam in 2008. She’s So Dead to Us, the first volume of her new trilogy about friendship, love and the things that really matter, was released in May 2010 from Simon and Schuster.

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Sounds great right? Add What Waits in the Woods to Goodreads, or pre-order.



Tawney Twin


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