Monday Funday with Author Lori M Lee

Today author Lori M Lee is participating in our Monday Funday. It’s very exciting for me because I love her book Gates of Thread and Stone.


The book is full of adventure and wonderful world building. Take a look at my review to see why I love it so much. Let me introduce you to Lori!

Lori was born in the mountains of Laos where her family relocated to a Thailand refugeelori camp for a few years and then moved permanently to the United States when she was three. She can’t remember any of it, and uses this excuse to insist she was raised by invisible flying unicorns. Like thestrals but less morbid.

She’s been writing since the third grade although quality has hopefully improved. Her first novel was a Mary Sue fantasy romance she wrote when she was a preteen. It contained many things preteens probably should not have been writing about. She blames her older sisters.

Other (random or otherwise) things about Lori:

  • She doesn’t know her real birth date. Her legal one was given to her in the refugee camp. AppareGates-cover-FINAL-sm-2ntly, the mountain villages don’t keep birth records. This means she is allowed to lie about her age. *cheers*
  • She has two older sisters who embody the words fierce and fabulous.
  • She is married to a social worker who fancies himself a comedian. She has no idea how this happened.
  • She has a degree in Creative Writing.
  • She loves unicorns. In the Zombies vs. Unicorns debate, unicorns obviously prevail.
  • Her favorite category to read and write is Young Adult. Some might tell you it’s because she is mentally ten, but do not listen to them. Ten is obviously Middle Grade. If anything, she’s mentally fifteen.
  • She has dreamed about being an author since she was eight.

Gates of Thread and Stone is her debut novel and is available now from Skyscape.

Let the games begin!


1. In your book Gates of Thread and Stone, Kai can manipulate time. If you could manipulate time what would you do with it? (I would visit history, like see how King Henry VII really was with his wives! And maybe see Queen in concert)

Well, first, I’d go back and do the things I’ve regretted not going–only if they won’t greatly alter my future lol. And then I’d do the same as you! Witness history as it unfolds. That’d be something 🙂

2. What other talent do you have besides writing? Give us a peek at your secret. (We know you have more talents! ;-))

I used to draw. I don’t do much of it now, but I do miss it sometimes 🙂

lor drawing

OMG! This is so awesome. You need to draw more.

3. If you were dropped in the Hunger Games, what would your weapon of choice be? And would you partner up or be the lone wolf?
hunger games
If I had any skill with a bow and arrow, that’d be my choice. Long range weapons FTW! I’d probably actually be like Johanna–pretend I’m a weakling so I’m underestimated until most everyone else is dead and then go in for the kill. Mwuahaha. (Just kidding, I’d probably die at the cornucopia the first day, let’s be real here XD)

4. Outlander, I know you watch it! ME TOO! If you were trapped back in 1743 Scotland with Jamie, what would you do? Follow Claire’s footsteps or make your own history? (I think I would just follow Jamie everywhere like a little lost puppy dog)
Marry Jamie ASAP.

Agreed. Let’s just pause here and look at his hotness.

5. Congrats on finishing writing your sequel! So what’s next? Break? Vacation? More Writing? (I think your hubby needs to pamper you.)

November will be the death of me. I’m starting a new fantasy wip for NaNoWriMo, then working on a proposal for a different WIP, then writing a short story, along with consecutive weekend book events up to Thanksgiving. I may not survive the month.


Thank you for joining us today Lori!

For more information on Lori and her book follow her on Twitter, Facebook, blog. Order her book here.


Love Tawney Twin




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