Tuesday book Giveaway Leigh Ann Kopans First World Problems

Hi lovelies! It’s Tawney Twin here and we are celebrating today!

Today is Leigh Ann Kopans book birthday for First World Problems! Yay!


I’ve followed Leigh Ann from the beginning when she published her first YA novel ONE. If you haven’t read that book you should check it out.  It’s Xmen meets Divergent. I love her writing and always look forward to the next book. Her characters are unique and the love stories within the book are slow and don’t immediately jump into love at first sight. The plots are wonderfully developed and Leigh Ann is a an author who self-publishes her own books. If you heard about self-publishing you know that authors work their butt off promoting and spreading the word of their books.

Well, I’m here to spread the love for Leigh Ann!


Let’s start with the book description!

First World Problems:


Sofia Cole has always been able to get anything she wants through begging, flirting, and shameless manipulation of everyone around her.

Sofia doesn’t think that Dad sending her on a gap service year to Guyana to address how “spoiled” she is will change any of that.

Sofia just might be proven wrong.

(A companion novel to SOLVING FOR EX (February 2014,) FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS is a standalone Upper YA/Lower NA contemporary romance. Fuller synopsis below.)

Sofia’s had a really rough year – busted for cheating at prep school, dumped – dumped! – for the first time ever, and her new non-profit working stepmother is turning out to be an uppity bitch.

She deserves to treat herself. But when she throws herself a birthday party with 20 of her closest friends in Paris and (accidentally!) maxes out her dad’s credit card in the process, he’s had enough of her attitude. As punishment, he switches her planned gap year touring Europe to one doing community service work with the evil stepmother’s relief organization in Guyana.

The rural village of Dabu needs help in every area from education to getting safe drinking water. But Sofia’s more concerned about her roommate Callum, the gardening expert, who calls Sofia “Princess” and scoffs at her distaste for sweaty, muddy, iguana-eating, outhouse-using life in Guyana.

Eventually, life on the equator, her work in the village, and especially Callum – with his brooding eyes and bewitching New Zealand accent – start to grow on Sofia. Life is rough in Guyana, but it’s roughest on the girls, whose families are too poor to send only the most promising boys in school. They’re trapped in a cycle that will keep them from ever making a better life for themselves, or for the village. Worse, Callum doesn’t seem to think any of the changes Sofia envisions are actually necessary.

Determined to change the girls’ futures, she comes up with a strategy to help them and, ultimately, the village. But what starts out as a plan to convince Callum and her father that she’s fallen in love with Guyana, turns into the realization that maybe she’s falling for Callum, too. And that by changing these girls’ lives, she might also be changing her own.

Author Info:

Leigh Ann Kopans



Raised on comic books and classic novels, I developed an early love of science fiction and literature.  As an adult, I rediscovered my love for not only reading, but also writing the types of fiction that enchanted me as a teen.

I live with my husband and four children in Columbus, Ohio. When I’m not immersed in the world of fiction, you can find me obsessing over the latest superhero movie or using my  kids as an excuse to go out for ice cream (again.)
I started this blog to chronicle my drafting process, but now you can read about my life as a full-time working writer. There is angst, drama, and general chaos. It’s awesome.

Order your copy here! Website,Amazon, BN.


So now to the giveaway!



Win an ebook  of First World Problems by posting a comment below. The main character Sofia is shipped off to do community service in the rural village of Dabu.  Where would you go to help a first world village? Building homes or helping produce fresh water? Let us know!


Thank you!

Love Tawney Twin


2 thoughts on “Tuesday book Giveaway Leigh Ann Kopans First World Problems

  1. What a cool premise for a book! I’ve always thought it would be an amazing experience to go down to Mexico with Habitat For Humanity to help build homes. Hard work for sure, but so rewarding an important work!

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