Holy BEA Batman!

So last week I went to BEA (Book Expo America) and Holy cow Batman!


I felt like a fish out of water. So many publishers and authors that my brain couldn’t understand what I should do first. I wasn’t even prepared. Some of my friends had lists and excel sheets of who they were going to visit. I was stupefied.

So many people dropped suitcases off. Why suitcases? It was a book convention, not like they were going anywhere. Boy was I wrong.


These suitcases were used for books! LOTS AND LOTS OF BOOKS! Apparently they give free ARCS away at BEA. When you meet authors, publishers or visit booths. It was too much to handle. I was totally ADD here. My head would swivel every which way screaming  “Book!”

I met so many great bloggers and authors. Here are some pictures to prove it! It was just fabulous to meet people I follow on twitter!! They didn’t disappoint either! They’re all so nice!


NY 750

I first got to hang out with the Goddess of Book Knowledge Dalia Adler and she is amazing. If you don’t follow her on twitter you need to stat! She was so kind to take an hour of her day to spend with my spastic questions. And I did have an embarrassing moment where I fell flat on my face but we won’t go there. Dalia is an awesome writer and I have the pleasure of reading her book Behind the Scenes right now! It’s soooooo good.

I then went to the blogger conference and met Hafsah Faizal who is so inspiring. She is such a knowledgeable blogger that I took notes immediately when she spoke. I’m new at blogging and the information I obtained will hopefully help advance my blogging. It was wonderful to meet Hafsah in person. Check out her website for great ideas and information on blogging and designs.

NY 762     NY 763


At the Teen Author Carnival event I went to I met KK Hendin who just looked so cute in her pink jacket! I didn’t get to talk to her long but meeting her in person was fabulous! You guys it was just so fun seeing everyone! I can’t wait to share more! Squee!

NY 801

NY 843

I met Summer and it was so nice to see someone with my spastic personality!I felt like we were kindred spirits! She was a ball of energy who hopped around BEA knowing everyone! I was so glad to see her and spend time with her!

NY 842

It’s Megan Orsini!  She is such a soft spoken nice person! I ran into her a lot at BEA and it was such a pleasure!

NY 844

Double whammy of a meeting  Melanie Conklin and Andrea Hannah. Super awesome ladies!

NY 845

It’s Megan Whitmer!! She ‘s just as funny and lovely as her Vlogs!


And I finally got to meet my fellow bloggers from The Writer Diaries Jessica and Vickie! OMG they were so fun and cute. I think we are BFF now. LOL. They were my line buddies and ARC buddies. We worked as a team, actually Avengers team. Avengers Assemble!

NY 822


And now more authors I’ve met!

Spencer Hill Press had a wonderful panel of authors, not just because I love following them, but there books are must reads.

NY 895     NY 850

That’s Dahlia with Kelsy Macke at their signing! Unfortunately I didn’t get a selfie with Kelsey because she was so popular! She was a hoot just like her vlogs.


The first author I met was Rainbow Rowell and she was signing her new adult book Landline! I even got an extra copy for my friend Summer because Rainbow was that nice!

NY 813


And the authors I met!

NY 824         NY 821

Jeffery Deaver                                                                                                   Alan Cumming


NY 828    NY 833

Alethea Kontis                                                                                        Becca Fitzpatrick


NY 835NY 836


Rick Riordan


NY 837                       NY 839

Sarah Mass                                                                                                              Kate Brauning

NY 841

Holly Black

NY 883

Cassandra Clare

NY 892

R.L. Stine

NY 865

AG Howard


And Dinner with a bunch of wonderful authors and bloggers who I consider my friends!

Yes that is me in the front. I’m spastic!

NY 855


NY 857


So a few tips: Wear comfortable shoes, bring an extra suitcase for books and make sure you come prepared on who you want to see. Make an excel sheet or highlight the ones you really want to see. I missed a lot of authors because I wasn’t prepared. And last but not least, make friends. I’m so glad I met all these lovely ladies and I’m sure I will see them again!

Love Tawney


5 thoughts on “Holy BEA Batman!

  1. I had the same feeling of being a fish out of water. I felt like my first day I was just trying to get my barings of what to do even though I had use the show planner there was just so much going on. I’m glad you had a good time and it was great to meet you in one of the many lines. 🙂 Happy reading.

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