And here we go: I’m Moving!

Hi fantastic peeps!

Tawney here!

I’ve got an announcement.


So I can finally tell you I’m moving.


My hubs has gotten a job as Program Director for a country station in Orlando, Florida. Details here.

So you know what that means????

Disney World!


Harry Potter



Hour or so this way or 45 minutes that way to the beach!


So there wasn’t any hard selling forย me to want to move. I’m so proud of my husband right now. But also scared! I’ve never left Arizona and I’m leaving friends and family behind. Especially my other half, my twin sister.


But that doesn’t mean I’m leaving our friendship behind. I’m taking it with me. And I will visit and stay in touch with everyone! It may be hard the first couple of months and I may be lonely but this is a great opportunity. I think I’ll spend my time painting and writing while looking for jobs with the Florida court. I desperately need to write again.

Also, making new friends too! If you live in Orlando I would love to meet up for coffee and chat. Maybe write? Any writers in Orlando? I’ll need friends! I’m a people person and will be so lonely!

For those of you I’m leaving behind and those of you who live in other states, I only have one thing to say. ย I HAVE A GUEST ROOM! Let’s go frolic at the beach, DisneyWorld and Harry Potter! If there are any writer conventions here don’t waste your money on a hotel! STAY WITH ME! I don’t bite.


So a wonderful adventure awaits in Florida. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Also, there will be a special blog on Friday. I’ll talk all about my adventure at BEA! Stay tuned! I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures so now hear the adventure!




2 thoughts on “And here we go: I’m Moving!

  1. I’m so crazy happy for you and jealous at the same time! Florida is a such a fun state, and I LOVE the ocean. If I were you I’d go to HP world AT LEAST once per month! Excited to hear more about your experience at BEA. Looks like you had a ton of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

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