Monday Funday : That’s not a dog

Hi All!

Tawney here and its Monday Funday. The whole idea with Mondays is that we have decided to make them fun! Whether it’s fun questions to authors or fun stories that have happened, the idea is to keep it fun! Get it? There’s always that gut-curling -t’s Monday feeling when you wake up. There’s the I-have-to-go-to-work groan that drags all happiness out of you.


Not today!

Every Monday will be fun!

So today’s story happened to me last week! I just got done with the gym and was heading home. Now for some reason our streetlights like to go out. Doesn’t matter that it’s night and dark, very dark. I live by a mountain in the desert on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. The stars aren’t drowned by city lights here. So when the lights go out, darkness envelops everything and the stars shine like sparkles in the black sky.


I wonder if it’s some kind of energy saver to have the street lights go out? Or maybe I have this energetic power that causes them to go out? I have caused three computers at work to crash. My radio in my car had to be replaced two times. Yep, I’m a mutant and need to join X-men!

So anyway, on the way home as fate would have it, the streetlights started to go out. I was contemplating whether or not to walk to the mailbox and with the darkness  ensuing I decided to drive there. Out of nowhere a dog ran across the street. I braked abruptly thinking it was our neighbors dog. I hate seeing dogs on the street so vulnerable.

I stopped the car and got out.

“Here dog! Here boy!” I called with my arm stretched, fingers wiggling.

The dog paused and then trotted closer.

I called again but as the dog hit my car lights, it’s eyes glowed. I balked and jumped back.

That’s not a dog.


It was a coyote!


I slowly backed to my car with the coyote still moving forward. Once I was close enough I jumped into my car like I was flying. Once the door was closed the coyote and I stared at each other.

It was a stare down.

I stared.



He stared.



I went…


Then he trotted away. Probably to go find a cat. I wonder if someone is feeding him? He seemed too please to see me.

It actually was an adventure with nature! I could see myself having a pet coyote. I would just keep it in the backyard and feed it chicken meat. I could get it away with it right?

Have a happy Monday!


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