Monday Funday: Time to get dirty!

Tawney here and it’s time to get dirty…..not that dirty! Get your mind out of the gutter!!!



So there comes a time when a writer needs to step away for the weekend without laptop. It was time to stop writing. Yes, I needed a break.  So we headed up to Flagstaff for some fun in the snow and mud! No internet, no Tv just nature. It was very fun to get away and not think about the real world and let my imagination take a rest.

It snowed…and we made our own Olaf. Do you wanna build a snowman?


It snowed like winter! And it’s almost May! Arizona doesn’t get snow! So this was a big wonderful surprise to go from 91 degrees to 32!


So it was cold and wet but do you know what that means after it ended? MUD!!! We took our jeep and went romping.


Yes, it was time to go out and have an adventure! I have never been out romping in a jeep let alone with my hubs. It is a new jeep for work and we were going to break it in! The plus side, he let me drive for a bit!


We wondered through the back roads to Sedona, the red rocks. Red rocks = red mud and it sure was caked on everywhere.


Glad I don’t have to clean it!

If you haven’t been to Arizona you need to visit the red rocks of Sedona. Beautiful and breathtaking, especially romping through the mountains in a jeep with the top down!

unnamed-8    unnamed-7

My hubs had a wonderful time taking that jeep around the mountains and woods. It was so refreshing to take a break and not worry about the next words. I highly recommend that when the words don’t come or you feel burnt out, take an adventure. I feel refresh and ready to start!



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