Where we celebrate Kristen’s pub deal!

Hey all!

Kristen here taking over the blog today with a big announcement! I am so excited.


Well, after 4 years I finally signed with a publishing agency!


I am so excited to be working with Sparkpress and making my book come to life. I have to admit, it was discouraging after receiving so many query rejections in the last couple of years but I didn’t give up. Yes, I moped for a couple of weeks before trying again.


It was hard but with the encouragement of my partner in crime, my sissy, I kept on swimming.

Aww I love you too! Tawney butting in here! I will now interview my twin! ACK. This feels wierd!

Kristen:  Weird? How is this weird. We talk to each other everyday!!! Get on with it! 🙂

Tawney:  FINE! Sheesh is this the love I get for supporting you?

Kristen: Glares!

Tawney:  What’s the best advice you can give a writer that is trying to publish their book???

Kristen:  Well, don’t give up and trust in your writing skills and story. If you don’t then how can any publishing agency or agent?

Tawney:  What are you most excited about?

Kristen:  I can’t wait to take readers into a different world, one full of Eskimo legends, totems, and the Spirit World. Something different then the dystopian and paranormal romance stories now plaguing the bookstores and Amazon.

Tawney:  How long did it take you to write this book?

Kristen:  Off and on for about 6 years. . I went through about 5 to 6 different drafts of my story. I have a full time job so it was hard to get motivated to write. Especially, when you’re on the computer for 10 hrs a day

Tawney: Will there be a sequel?

Kristen:  Yes, I hope to get the second book out soon but it depends on how the readers respond to the first book. I have to admit I’m scared. It takes a lot of courage to put a book out and have it read, critiqued or criticized by the public. With that courage comes doubt and fear. What if readers don’t like it? What if it doesn’t sell? These are questions that I do think about every day.

Tawney: What’s your biggest goal for your book?

Kristen: I want the readers to enjoy the story and leaves them wanting more. I’m not doing this for money or fame. I am doing this for the readers. Bringing them something different to the table and making them aware of the different cultures and legends in the world. Some of what I wrote in the book is true. I wrote about some of the incidents and legends that I experienced or was taught in Alaska. I won’t tell you or give you clues to what it is….instead I will leave it up to the readers to figure out .

Tawney:  I’m so proud of you! Hopefully when the right story comes along I ‘ll be in the same place as you!


I can’t believe it either! Thank you Tawney! You will defiantly find your story!


10 thoughts on “Where we celebrate Kristen’s pub deal!

  1. Congratulations Kristen (from a very proud mother). I am so happy for you. Think positive and have confidence in your writing. It is a good book and I only read the first draft. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done.

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