The Twins have writer’s block! HELP

Twinism of the week:  The Twins have Writer’s Block

Well….maybe half the twins have writer’s block.


Hey Lovelies! Tawney here.

Every now and then I find myself in a dilemma with writer’s block. This is a dreadful dilemma especially when co-authoring.  You don’t want one twin author to do all the work while the other one twirls her thumbs with nothing to give. It has been more than a month  and I have only written a paragraph or so once a week. The creativity juices are not flowing.


I wish Honey Boo Boo!

Usually, I have certain steps I follow to break the blockage.

Step 1: I will go and people watch at a local coffee shop. I love people watching because I can create any situation for them, whether they are on the run from the mob or just in a bad break up. That doesn’t seem to help right now.


Step 2: I will read and read to get the mojo starting. I just finished a great book by LeighAnn Kopans called Solving for Ex. Wonderful retelling of Jane Austin’s Mansfield Park. I also just finished Lost lake by . Her books are magical. She takes a contempt story and weaves little bit of magic elments to give the story a different vive. Think Practical magic but with no witches.  I’m reading the second book of Rae Carson’s   and loving the fantasy. I have a sparkling YA fantasy idea I so want to do! And then I have two mystery books to read. I tend to read all genres from YA to Adult Fiction to NA. But I’m not getting inspiration. All the books were wonderful but it I just makes me want to read more. I’m soaking up the awesomeness of them but not writing.


Step 3. Just watch TV. I will watch smexy shows like The Originals, Teen Wolf… let’s stop to enjoy the hotness of these shows both male and female ….. (insert pics)   Reign, American Horror Story, Walking Dead. Nope this isn’t working. I’m just ogling at the pretties and not writing.


Step 4: Music. Usually my most creative moments come when listening to music. It could be the voice of the singer, or the melody or even the words of the song. I was at THE FRAMES concert when a whole idea for the current YA WIP hit me. I couldn’t write it down but with every haunting song the ideas kept flowing. There are a lot of good artist I’m listening to now like WILD FEATHERS, PASSANGER, IMAGINE DRAGONS, ….but not feeling it.


Write now I’m taking a break and just writing notes on my sparkling ideas. But I really want to finish this one. I’ve been working on it like forever! Usually I’m a faster writer but not now.

I checked with Kristen and she doesn’t have writer’s block. She has a secret project!

Kristen here. No writer’s block! I’ve been working on something I hope I can announce soon. Time will tell.


Yes Tawney! Unlike you the creative juices are flowing. But I’ve had my share and usually follow the same steps. So if you don’t mind I shall crawl back in the creative cave.


So Kristen is no help and that was a low blow.

So I’m asking for HELP! What do you do to combat writer’s block? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I need my grove back.


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