The Last Prospector Blog Tour

Today we are happy to introduce you to Cairn Rodrigues and her book The Last Prospector. The first thing that drew me to this book was the world “twins.” She had me at twins. As you will read in the synopsis of The Last Prospector, there are TWIN GODDESSES!


About The Last Prospector


Solstice is a world apart, created by a mysterious Boss and shaped by tempers of warring twin goddesses.  Once it was a playground for sisters Ylumya and Ynoirya, but then the wars began.  Now Solstice is the stage for the final battle between light and dark. Everyone must choose a side.

The Boss sired the first prospector 1,000 years ago.  Charged to search for a treasure unnamed, an unbroken line of men have been caretakers, shepherds and warriors for Solstice since the misty times.  Now, Grayme Ceruleya is the last prospector, he is destined to find the treasure.  But what happens to Solstice when he does?

A runaway slave dies giving birth alone in the desert.  The nomads who find the baby don’t realize that the child is the pawn of the gods and wields more power than they can comprehend.  Except for one boy, broken-hearted Tonyo who makes a tremendous sacrifice to ensure the baby’s safety.

In Solstice the unlikely is probable, magicks are mundane and all the stories are true.  It’s a land of stunning natural beauty, filled with exotic wildlife and vibrant cultures.  Powerful factions like the whore’s guild make the rules, ancient enemies find new strength and dreamers are waking up all across the land with one message.

The Final war between the Twins has started.  A victor must be decided this time.


We love warring twins! TWIN POWER


Let’s pause for a moment and go over a quick  lesson on Solstice, because it’s a big part of the book.. The North Pole, the sun reaches the highest position in the sky once a year in June in the North Pole. This is called the June solstice day. The sun reaches the highest position on December solstice day in the South Pole. Two polar opposite sides but very similar climates. When it is the summer solstice at one Pole, it is the winter solstice on the other. I think Kristen would be the South Pole and I would be the North Pole. I’m bubbly and happy like summer. Kristen is cranky and cold like….I’m kidding! Kristen is the serious one much like winter. We are opposite but defiantly complete each other. She’s the evil twin and I’m the good twin, in the perspective of our family. Hey, she says I’m here evil twin, which I can agree with. There is always an evil twin for twins and usually it’s both!

So now we can guess that the TWIN GODDESSES in the book are part of this Solstice. And they are warring twins. The one thing that separates Kristen and I from Ylumya and Ynoirya is we can’t stay mad at each other. The longest we went without talking to each other is for two days. It was torture!

I love the prospector because he reminds me of Indian Jones.I mean he searches for treasure on Solstice!


Very unique storyline and I recommend giving The Last Prospector a try. Come on! There’s TWINS!!!!! WARRING GODDESSES who are TWINS.

About the author


Cairn Rodrigues is new to the world of publishing.  Formerly a stay at home mom, she attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and worked in many facets of the hospitality industry.  She was the chef and owner of the Café 455 in Sacramento before retiring from professional kitchens in 2007.  Born and raised in Sacramento, she is a devout lover of California and still resides near her hometown.  Cairn also loves animals, gardening, television and Bruce Springsteen.

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