Twinism of the week: All Twins Are Not Created Equally.

Not all twins are created equally. 

Hello Lovlies!

I just bought shoes the other day and it made me realize something. Something that all through high school I completely loathed. Slipping my feet into the new shoes I glanced into the mirror. New brown high heels with a bow on the side. Boy would Kristen love these! She would so borrow them in a second. One problem though.

The shoe never fits!


Twins may look alike but all a created differently. Even identical twins. But for Kristen and I being fraternal we have massive differences. She is an inch taller, curvier blah blah…but the one thing I hated, no I mentioned before loathed…so the one thing I loathed is that her feet are a size bigger than mine. I wear size eights while she wears size nine.


Oh all the shoes we could have shared! All the pretty sparkly boots, sandals Kristen bought that I so wish I could wear. Even pants are a bother because I have the bubble butt. Sometimes she can’t fit into my jeans because their too big and I have to dance to get into hers.


We could have saved a lot of money if we were completely identical but where would the fun be in that? We are twins but we are our own person. We don’t have to share everything and who wants that? Except the shoes damn it! I would have liked that.

So remember one thing…Twins are different whether identical or not. We all have our own personality. Except there is always…..




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