Twin Resolutions, Part 1

Hello lovlies!

The year is ending so we decided to give our resolutions. The good, the bad and the TWINS! Today I,Tawney, will list my 5 resolutions. But first what happened this year in turbo!


1. Joined twitter for the first time Jan 2013!
2.Created Author Chat as a new, different type of book club.
3. Finished 2 novels, Speaking Lies and Reaper’s Daughter.
4. Found great writer friends and joined a writer’s group.
5. Travled to Georgia,North Carolina,Hawaii. I JUST LOVE TRAVELING!


WHEW! What a year!

Now to the next year!

1. SAY NO!
I won’t give in to things I don’t want to do. If it’s family or friends, if I don’t want to do it then I don’t have to. I’m tired of being walked all over and no thank you or appreciation to my time spent on it. Yes, I may sound like a bitch but sometimes you have to be one! It’s allowed. 🙂

2. Spend more time writing
I need to just sit down and write. I WON’T let work get in the way. If I’m tired I will at least write a couple of paragraphs. WRITE WRITE WRITE!

3. Get Healthy
I need to lose weight and eat right. Go to the gym and keep active. I was lazy this year and need to get back in shape. Starting off with a 10 week weight contest at work! Throwing my cookies away, NOOOOOOO! But it’s got to be done.

4. Fly and not be scared
I fear flying. I don’t let it stop me but I have to be medicate to fly. My heart palpitates against my chest like a drum and my body is rigid with fear. I shake. Before I get on the plane, even before we get to the airport. The day before the stress starts. So I’m going to see a counselor about this and try to conquer my fear. I want to travel more!

5. Spend more time with friends and family
Life is short. A couple of my Dad’s dear friends died this year and it made me realize my parents are getting old! My friends are having babies and moving. I want to spend as much time with all of them as possible. I also want to make new friends. I just love chatting and getting together. The sad part is people may think I’m crazy and ignore me or say we grew apart. I’ll try not to take it to heart when friends leave. I have my hubs, twin and family. I will just spend more time with them and miss those that decided I wasn’t good enough. It hurts but there is always those who never leave. I love you all! I mean look how we celebrate together!


Cheers to a new year! What’s your resolution? It can be one, two or how many you have. Let’s make next year the best!

Let’s end the year with some cuteness. My in-laws dog Maui. OH! Number 6. Get a dog!



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