WIPMarathon! Let’s do this…Again!

I DESPERATELY need help to finish my WIP Simmer,again. It’s time to join the lovely, Ifeoma Dennis, and several other amazing writers in an December WIPMarathon. NaNoWriMo didn’t help me finish my MS. I’m not sure why this one is taking so long. Usually I’m can finish them quickly.

I would love to finish my WIP Simmer. I think I can finish it this month with guidance and encouragement. That was missing from NaNo. I didn’t have much cheering or sprints.

Stage of writing:

I am at the middle. I want this done now! I have so many other things I wish to write. I just need a good push. Get those whips ready friends! I need it.

What inspired this project:

Music! I was at a Glenn Hansard concert when the idea of a dystopian YA regarding the sun. His music just inspired this story. I am ready to right it.

What might slow down this marathon:

Work! Tired. Lazy! But boy am I ready to combat those and write!


Let’s do this friends!!! I’ve missed you!


7 thoughts on “WIPMarathon! Let’s do this…Again!

  1. I love how much music inspires stories, and how one piece can inspire endless, unique ideas depending on the listener. Good luck with the Marathon, and see you on Twitter! 🙂

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