Twinism of the Week: You’re not seeing double

Don’t automatically assume that when you see two people who look the exact same you’re seeing double because of booze.

Tawney and I recently went to a wedding of our Dad’s best friend. There was fun and a lot of drinking. I wore a long blue dress while Tawney wore a short black and white dress. I kept my hair down while she pulled it up. We couldn’t look more different. But the drinks were going so we were constantly stopped by people asking if were were twins.


My first response was “Yes we are! Don’t worry, it’s not the booze. You aren’t seeing double!” I think everyone burst out laughing with this response. they always seemed to do a double take when we passed them or chatted with them.

Tawney wanted to fool some people and switch dresses but the dancing came and we totally forgot about people seeing double. I think that would have been a good joke! I love surprising people. God knows we surprised our parents.


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