Twinism of the week: Obsession

When one twin is obsessed with something it doesn’t mean the other twin necessarily is too.

unicorn 2

Hey Guys! It’s Tawney and I wanted to share with you an obsession Kristen has, Unicorns. I like unicorns but I’m not obsessed with them like she is. Twins may like the same stuff and obsess over certain things. I love sharks but my sister doesn’t want to be close to them, at all. Twins are different people, we may look alike and act alike but we are drastically our own person.

There are so many unicorn pictures and quotes that are hilarious. I have to admit that I love some of them. But Kristen goes beyond that. Just look at the picture below! She went around the store with that on giggling hysterically. I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or laugh with her.


She even got this unicorn dress with sparkly shoes and a black sparkly sweater. You have to have sparkles with unicorns!


I have to admit it’s cute and retro! But a little short for my taste. I love sharks but I won’t wear them on my clothes. I only have a shark pillow pet that I sleep with. Don’t Judge me! It’s comfortable.

I think everyone should be obsessed with something. It’s healthy, unless it becomes stalkerish or consumes your life. That’s a no no! But I love Kristen and her obsession. Here attitude is everything for her obsession. She’s even nicknamed sparkles. That’s a unicorn name, right?!


Just remember that one twin ususually isn’t obsessed in the same thing. Except if it’s Luke Evans!


He is one obsession we can agree on!

kristenUnicorn 3


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