Twinism of the week: Twin-inducing diet

Have you ever wanted to have twins? Well, here is your chance. There’s a Twin-Inducing Diet


Want to have twins? Stock up on cheese and start chugging milk. Thanks to Everyday Health here is a diet that could help you get your twins. It must be working because there are more twins multiplying. Since 1980 twins have increased 79%.


“According to a study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine by Gary Steinman, MD, PhD, an ob-gyn at Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Medical Center in New Hyde Park, N.Y., women who consume dairy products may increase their chances of conceiving twins. When Dr. Steinman looked at the twin birth rates of vegans (who don’t eat any animal products, including dairy) compared to non-vegans, he discovered that the latter group was five times more likely to have two little bundles of joy.

In the British journal The Lancet, Steinman explains that the level of a certain protein (IGF, or insulin-like growth factor) is 13 times higher in women who consume dairy than in vegans. This protein increases the ovaries’ sensitivity to follicle stimulating hormone, which triggers ovulation .

Research shows that conceiving twins is also more common among older women, women who are obese, and women who are breastfeeding (in fact, a study shows that moms who are breastfeeding when they get pregnant are a whopping nine times more likely to have twins than those who aren’t).” Everyday Health


So drink more milk and eat more cheese and then the little hellion twins will come! Remember, double the trouble. Our Mom says we would drive her crazy because one would sleep and the other stay awake. One would eat and the other wasn’t hungry. It’s a lot of work but as my Mother-n-law states “Twins are God’s way of saying buy one and get one free.”


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