Interview with Lynn Rush on her new book Frostbite


I am so excited that Frostbite came out this week! It’s one of my favorite reads. A kickass chick who shoots snow balls from her hands! I had the pleasure of interviewing Lynn Rush about Frostbite. What a great, friendly author! With further ado, Lynn Rush!!!!!(crowd goes wild)

Tawney: 1. Since you live in Arizona, was that the reason behind the setting of Frostbite?

Lynn: Actually, most of my books are set in some fictional city in Arizona. I vary it up a bit, but I think it’s because I love Arizona so much. 🙂

Tawney: That’s right! And I love reading about Arizona in your books. More authors need to add the beautiful desert to their setting!

Tawney: 2. Amanda is such a great character and has my favorite powers. Who wouldn’t want to shoot snow in the desert? What power would you love to have?

Lynn: I would love telekinesis, actually. I mean, super strength is pretty sweet too, but to move things with my mind would just rock!

Tawney: Yes, like Jean Grey or Professor X! I would love to clean house while sitting on the couch just cleaning with my mind!

Tawney: 3. I love that Amanda has a guardian in the form of her brother and a great friend in Georgia. Did you take any inspiration from friends and family?

Lynn: I never had a brother, but I envisioned my brother would be a lot like Scott. Looking out for his little sis. Taking care of things. But totally not perfect at all. I’ve always wanted a friend like Georgia, too. I mean that kind of person you can just be yourself with and there’s no judgment. Surprises and imperfections, yes, but no judgment.

Tawney: 4. You have written a lot of books from Frostbite, book #1 in a new series Touch of Frost, the series Violet Night series, Wasteland series…So much great books. Can you tell us of any future projects you are currently working on?

Lynn: Oh yeah. I’m constantly writing. Characters just keep jumping into my head. Right now I’m writing the second book in a new trilogy. Tawney, you read Dasha’s story (still doesn’t have a title…LOL), well this one I’m working on now is the next book, and the hero is a demon. Full fledged, born in Hades type demon, too. I’m having so much fun with him and the heroine, who’s a demon hunter. She just happens to accidentally bind the hero to her to the point where he can’t be more than 100 feet from her without getting yanked through time and space to her side. It’s crazy fun!

Tawney: This sounds awesome! I loved Dasha’s story! This one sounds so intriguing and I love demon heroes!

Tawney: 5. I know you love to run. I prefer the Elliptical. While running do you get any sparkling ideas? Does running help boost your creativity?

Lynn: I really do get ideas while running. The book I’m writing now—I got the opening line while running. I kept repeating it in my head so I wouldn’t forget it because I didn’t have my phone with me to make a note. I got the opening line for Awaited, the second book in my Wasteland Trilogy, while running as well! Biking is good too, but since I’m focusing more on running right now, that’s where the ideas are coming from. 🙂 Oh yeah. It totally gets the creativity going. Just getting lost in music, ridding yourself of stress and all the clutter in your mind…totally works!

Tawney: I really wish i could run! I seem to get my ideas at music concerts or most recently getting a message! I might have to get another one soon. LOL

Tawney: 6. Did you always want to write?

Lynn: Nope. Believe it or not, I did not aspire to become an author. Never took a writing class, wasn’t on the yearbook staff or newspaper in school. I just got a story in my head and started writing. Once I got the bug, though, I started taking little online conferences and attended some local conferences to learn what I could. I haven’t stopped writing since, and I’m currently penning my 32nd novel!

Tawney: 32nd novel?!!! WOW! That is fantastic. I didn’t get the bug until a couple of years ago when I decided the characters in my head need to get out. I so strive to be like you someday. You are an inspiration!

Tawney: 7. What do you do in your spare time not writing?

Lynn: I’m training for my first marathon right now! Woot. We’re raising money for cancer research and treatment. Here’s the link in case you want to check it out: Last year we biked across Iowa and raised over $3,000! It’s called the AZ Pain Train for that very reason. Endurance events! LOL. So, other than writing, I’m pounding the pavement hours on end! October 26th is the race. 🙂

Tawney: Yes! I am totally in to support. My Mom had cancer so this hits close to home. I defiantly want more research for treatment. There is a cure out there and we need to find it!

Tawney: 8. I love asking this question with everyone. Who would you want to play Amanda and the others if it was made into a movie?

Lynn: Ohhhh, I am sooo bad at thinking up people to play my characters. While I’m watching movies or something I always think, “Hey, she’d make a great Mandy.” But then I forget by the time I get home. For Mandy, maybe Anna Sophia Robb? Claire Holt? Who do you think?

Tawney: Yes, Clair Holt! I could so picture her as Mandy. Perfect!

Tawney: 9. I love how Amanda kept blowing Zach off, not succumbing to his charm yet. She is quite the hero and can get herself out of trouble. When you read a book does it bother you that the female characters is weak?

Lynn: Yes. Whiny and weak are my least favorite characteristics. I mean, it’s all good to be girly, like dressing up, loving “soft” things…but don’t be a doormat. My favorite, though, is really tough girls. Like, so tough they tend to scare people away, yet there’s a damaged side to them, too, that we get to see through the layers. Maybe it’s my psychology background, but those are my favorite characters!

Tawney: 10. Do you name your pets after any characters?

Lynn: No. We’re pretty much a sports household. Maddux is our dog, and he’s named after Greg Maddux a former Atlanta Braves pitcher. Our other dog was named Herky after Herky the Hawkeye—The University of Iowa mascot! LOL!

Tawney: How fun! I like to name my pets after Alaska or food. Coco Puff, Misty, Rocky….

Tawney: 11. Since you live in Arizona, and so do I, how do you keep yourself cool in the summer? Writing in the pool? LOL

Lynn: I just have Amanda come over and cool down the house. LOL!! No, we just crank the air conditioning and stay indoors. I have to get my running done early for sure! Sometimes I wake up and it’s like 90 degrees at 5am.

Tawney: I need an Amanda in my life to cool me off!!! Yes, that is hot to run. I hate the air conditioning bills when we crank it up but it must be done!

Tawney: 12. Speaking of writing, where is your favorite spot to write?

Lynn: I have a few. When it’s cool enough, I love writing while sitting out on the patio. I’ve been known to stay out there until the wee hours of the morning if I’m in the middle of a story. I have a lounger chair in my bedroom I like, too. Also, my desk. Just depends on my mood and the scenes I’m writing. 🙂

Tawney: 13. Any advice on how to combat writer’s block?

Lynn: Exercise. Music. Chocolate 🙂 For real, when the words aren’t flowing real great for me, I go for a run or a long bike. Blaring music helps, too. For me it’s Skillet! They really get me out any funk I fall into. Chocolate…well, we all know that cures EVERYTHING! **LOL**

Tawney: Yes, chocolate. MMMMMM. Skillet is a great band to listen to. I need to try exercising more.

Tawney: 14. And before you go one more question. Any advice for new writers?

Lynn: Write. Write. Write. I was told from day one my characters were too old for Young Adult and too young for Adult, so I needed to change. I stuck with what I loved, writing constantly and absorbing everything I could from my fellow writers and online conferences….and look New Adult is all the rage. And I have seven books published in the category. So, keep writing. Every day if you can.

Tawney: Wonderful advice. I think keep writing is exactly the key. Thank you so much for letting me interview you! I just can’t wait for more from you!

Here is a synopsis of Frostbite:

Amanda gives a whole new meaning to cool…

Amanda Smith is sick of getting chased from town-to-town. So when she lands in tiny Trifle, Arizona, she hopes it’s her last move for a long time. Despite hating the smallness of the town, she settles in and finds a best friend, and even a boyfriend. Normality at its finest.

But for a girl who can shoot snow from her hands and lift a two-ton truck over her head like a bag of feathers—normal is not an option.

The scientists who murdered her mother come barreling into Amanda’s quiet life. She must decide if she’ll run again or stay and fight. The price of either choice might be her life or the lives of those she’s come to love.

Purchase the book now and you get a free bookmark! Just email proof of purchase to Lynn


You can purchase Frostbite at Amazon

I do highly recommend this book. It was a fast pace read that I could put down!


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