Last WIPmarathon check in

This is so hard! Thank you to the great Ifeoma Dennis for creating such a great way to meet new writers and to cheer each other on! But this is not the last of it! We all will still continue to cheer each other on and help pull each other out from out writing despair.

So no crying!

Currant word count:  35,630. Not what I wanted to reach which was to finish my WIP. Not even close but that is 35,630 more than I had!
WIP Issues this week:  Life. It got in the way of writing. Everytime I wanted to sit down and write something came up. Time was not on my side this week with work and vacation this weekend. I thought I would get some writing done but mainly slept and took hikes.
I learned that anything can happen to interrupt the writing process.  I need to find time here and there to get at least a 100 words down to keep my writing mojo going.
Work, vacation. Life. It always gets in the way of things. Darn work! If there was a way I could just write without working I would. Powerball here I come!

I dip my spoon into the peaches. I grimace at the slimy taste but one can’t be picky in an apocalyptic world.

“Don’t care for peaches much?” Jerome smiles. It’s a crooked smile that shows a glint of fangs.

“No,” I say passing the can to him without thought. My fingers brush against his. The contact was warm, energetic.

Eyes wide, and brows raised Jerome takes the can. “How’d you know I eat food?”

A gaps escapes my lips. My hands fly up to my neck. “You don’t drink blood do you?” I squeaked.

“Of course not!” He snorted. “That would make me a Nightshade dummy. I happen to like peaches.”

My eyes narrow. “You’re playing with me. And don’t call me dummy.”

He shrugs leaning back against the seat. The spoon shovels into his mouth and I look away.

Shea is eating in silence glowering. Her stormy eyes dart to mine then back to eating.

Hunter has the gun still aimed at Jerome. His eyes never look away while eating.

“Look, tomorrow you take us to this place Haven. I don’t trust you one bit, not just because you are a Shade but because you are a stranger.” Dad wasn’t eating. His mustache twitched.

Mom was leaning against the chair, her eyes half opened. The shotgun lay against her leg.

“Look, I’m not the threat here. They are,” Jerome nodded toward the window to the screeching outside. “Haven is a refuge from Sanctum. We are for gaining our country back from creatures and corrupt government officials.”

“Look, if you try anything with my family I will kill you. So help me God,” Dad snapped menacingly. He flipped the switches to dim the interior light. “If you move I will shoot you between the eyes.”

“Look, I will sleep back here never crossing pass the two seats the girls are in.” With that Jerome swiveled his feet to the side and laid down.

Girl? He called me a girl? I am not a little girl!

And with that I say I LOVE YOU GUYS!



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