#WIPMarathon check in

Ok, this week was stressful so I didn’t get that much writing done. 😦

Current Word Count: Overall draft word count 25,768 (Goal is around 80k)I am so far behind!!!!

WIP Issues this week: Still having trouble with the introduction of my hottie Jericho. I just want things to be right. And they are heading to the compound Haven and things are just going to be intense from here on out.

What I learned this week in writing: I learned that I can be my own worst enemy. I think something is horrible I will erase it and start the writing process over again and again. I need to take a breather and just pause for a moment. I think I over analyze everything I write and that just puts me behind on the words I need.

What distracted me this week while writing: Work. It has been a tough week because of a Master Key that has been lost in the courthouse. I was the last one with it so they questioned me about it, even with a Marshal present! I am just scared shitless, pardon my anxiety. So writing has been in the my priority this week.

Last 200 words: Here is more from Simmer.

“Where is your compound?” Dad growled.

The night was now hovering over the sliver of sun that hugs the ground. Dark pink and orange colors push against the dark violet night.

“We won’t make it. Nightshades will be everywhere and my compound will not open the doors. It would be best if you park this tank over there by the large Palo Verde.” The voice was deep velvet that, to my chagrin, made my body shiver.

“You’re lying,” Hunter accuses. The gun shakes in his hand. “You just want to eat us and become one of them.”

“I despise Nightshades. Do you really think I will kill you? I could’ve done it an hour ago when I saw you pull up to the gas station. I could’ve done it ten minutes ago when we were packing. But I won’t. I don’t want to be one of them. None of us Shades do. We didn’t want this.” He leaned forward, his eyes glowing from the light cast upon his face. “I would never make it home either. Night makes Haven automatically shut down and no one can enter or leave.”

“Haven? That is what your compound is called?” Shea snorted. “Sanctum was not a welcoming place to be. Titles mean nothing.”

“Haven is a safe place for both humans and Shades. We live in harmony.” The Shade snap his neck to the side, pouncing to the window.

It was too dark outside to see anything. The shade narrowed his eyes. “Better stop write now. Cut the engine and turn the shield on. The Nightshades are coming.”


20 thoughts on “#WIPMarathon check in

  1. I can’t imagine getting interrogated at work. 😦
    We really are our own worst enemy. I started living by a revision fixes everything motto last year. It keeps me from stopping and tweaking stuff so much. I keep a running commentary of everything I think I’m messing up so I won’t forget so I’ll move on.

    Hope the next week is better for you all around! Be nice to yourself. 🙂

  2. Aw. Sorry about the work thing. I would imagine that would stress anyone out.

    I agree with Krystal Jane about dealing with the “worst enemy” issue. That’s pretty much my process, as well. Sometimes the things I take notes on aren’t even as bothersome when I come back ready to revise. I think it’s okay to hold out and be patient with yourself.

  3. Oh wow, I hope the issues at work get resolved soon!

    I used to be the same as you when it came to editing everything I wrote. My last MS, I had re-written the first two chapters about 5 times (and I’m still not happy with them!) and just never progressed. Then I did Nano last November and hit the 50k because it just didn’t give me the opportunity to edit, there was no time! And now I have managed to lock that inner editor up allowing me to right with abandon, no matter how rubbish it is because we just need those words!

    Good luck with this week’s words!

  4. Over analyzing! I’m so with you. My writing is never perfect enough in my eyes. Some days I find myself changing things again and again, only to rewrite it back the way it started. Oh perfectionism, why do you hate me so? Good luck next week!

  5. Aw, Tawney, I hope everything at work gets resolved. Sounds so scary.

    Character intros are hard! I rewrote some of mine half a dozen times but I found that it finally came together after I pushed through to the end of the ms. At that point I found I knew really who the characters were and how they’d act/react. I also agree with Krystal; keeping a list of things you want to go back and revise can be a lifesaver and it gives you the freedom to move on. I hope this week is better! *hug*

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