Alaska: Bears, Moose, Twins oh my!


I have been seeing lately a lot of writers talking about Alaska and how they want to see more of it in books. Some even want to use it as a setting for a sparkling new idea. I am all for this. You see, my family is from Alaska. A small town called Nome.

nome map


Nome is mainly known for the gold rush and the iditarod. Those dog sleds would go right past my Aunt’s house, literally on her doorsteps!


The summers are beautiful from the 50s to the 70s in temperature. Cold for me since I am a desert rat from Arizona.HAHAHA! That is the temperature of our winters! I’ve never been up there for winter because they only get 2 hours of sunlight. The rest of the 22 hours is pure darkness. Blankets of black sky with diamond stars twinkling about. My Mom would always talk about the aurora borealis that would snake through the sky with bands of green,pink,yellow hues. I do want to see that someday. My cousins have to walk to class in underground tunnels at their high school because of the snow and below negative temperatures!

But where there is little light in the winter there is sure a lot of light in the summer. Insomnia sets in! Only 2 hours of darkness. We would play baseball games at midnight or go fishing catching some as long as my arm. They were heavy suckers too! But the one thing we had to watch for was bears. They are everywhere.

Kristen and I had a run in with a grizzly bear. We were fishing with our cousin Nathaniel and Kristen kept singing, horribly mind you. Nathaniel caught a big king salmon that was jerking the pole back and forth. The river was running pretty fast and you could see the fish with their sparkling scales rushing by. With Kristen singing and Nathaniel fighting the king fish I notice a smoldering pile right by my foot.
“Hey Nathaniel? What is that?” I point.
Nathaniel looks over his shoulder peering at the ground. “Deer poop.”
He went back fishing and I wrinkled my brows. “I may not be all nature girl but deer poop pellets, right? That thing is bigger animal poop.”
I was ignored.
I crossed my arms huffing. A sound drew my attention away from the horrible singing.
GRRRRR,HHHHHHHR grunting noise.
“Did you hear that?”I cried.
Kristen stops singing, cocking her head to the side.
It was silent save for the water flowing in front of us.
Kristen went back singing while Nathaniel reeled in his prize.
It was a huge red fish with tint of green scales shining from the water. It had a huge hump on its back and a snapping jaw.


Nathaniel beamed with pride then his eyes widen.
A panting noise was getting closer. The trees began to move.
“BEAR!” he screamed dropping his fish and the pole.
I looked at Kristen whose face was pallid. I think my heart jump into my throat at that moment.
We both scream and hightail it after our cousin. We made it down to the bridge where a truck had stopped. They were looking at the direction we came.
Slowly we wonder on the bridge to take a peek.
There was a grizzly with golden fur and large claws eating the big fish we had caught. It just wanted our fish.

To say the least it was a trip getting home because the bear was right by our cabin. But believe it or not bears are not the most human killers in Alaska. Care to guess? The Moose! The females attack people when they are near their fawn or the males attack when they are in heat. A moose can damage a care immensely.

Most Alaskans have fun toys to get around town. Snowmobiles and four wheelers. Even eight year old kids are driving down the street for school. It’s such a small town and this is the way of life. Kids drive fun toys.


Andrew is having fun on that one in the picture above. It just makes the whole rugged outdoors exciting. And man can you leave a mile out of town and you are in the wilderness. No one else but you and nature. It is a bit scary, especially at night when the fog rolls in from the ocean. You want to write a horror book stay one night in my cousins cabin in the middle of nowhere. Paranoia starts to set in.


But the one thing about Nome is that my Aunt’s house is on the beach where we can see whales.

Though this water is too cold to swim. 50 degrees in the summer!If you are gutsy enough to swim in that be my guest. I shall take the hot springs!It smells like

It rains a lot and could go weeks just like Seattle. Rainproof coat and umbrellas comes in handy with waterproof boots.


I would defiantly suggest seeing glaciers. Because they are receding due to the greenhouse affect. After seeing this one two years ago we came back and it receded a mile!


Most importantly twins are everywhere in Alaska, it must be the water. I have twin cousins and my Nana was a twin. So if you go to Nome don’t drink the water!

Some pictures of Juneau, Alaska.


If you have any questions about Alaska I would be happy to answer them. My next blog regarding Alaska will be about my Eskimo heritage. Yes, these little blue-eyed blonde twins are Eskimo.

I am thinking of doing a writing retreat with writer at my Aunt’s cabin next year. Volunteers? You are welcome to come especially the YAmisfits.

“May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart” – Eskimo Proverb


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