#Wipmarathon check in #2

Ok, I totally forgot my first check in for #wipmarathon! Sorry ladies! But here we go. I am having so much fun with this.

Last Word Count + Chapter Count: 4932 and 2 Chapters completed

Current Word Count: 20344 words and 11 chapters completed. Working on the first scene of my 12th chapter.

WIP Issues This Week:

I am stuck on the fact that we are meeting Jericho, the hotness that steals Tabby’s heart. But when they first meet it isn’t love at first sight. It is hate because he is a Shade. But I am not sure how I want to describe him because he is suppose to be beautiful alien like. I want to get it right. But I am just staring at the page thinking what the hell am I going to write?

So I looked like this.


What I Learn This Week In Writing

I learned that I need to be patient when it comes to writing. I want everything out of my head on words immediately. And I miss some important key parts of the story when I do that. I love having all the #wipmarathon girls rooting me on to write. And I love my CP and friends to give me the critique I need to better my words.


What Distracted Me This Week While Writing:

Work. I am on a computer all day and sometimes I don’t want to open or touch my computer. I am on the phones and helping an average of 450 jurors a day. I am tired and lazy so I really need to get my motivation into gear and write!

Last 200 words.

“Come on stupid! Meet the sun because it sure as hell wants to say hello.” I grit my teeth together, clenching my jaw. My knuckles are white from gripping the machete.

There was a musical laugh that made my heart take an extra beat.

It seems like forever before the Nightshade steps through the doors. I crouched to better my posture.

The sun was setting now sending the sky into blankets of pink and yellow. If this dumb monster didn’t step outside soon I would be the one who was a sitting duck once night made her entrance.

“Come on! We don’t have all day!” I roared. “If you are going to kill me do it now!”

The laughter swept through the air again. My skin tingled with a gentle breeze caressing my entire body.

This was getting weird. Nightshades don’t laugh. They spit, growl, rage in howls. I was beginning to get the notion this wasn’t a Nightshade. But is sure as hell wasn’t human with glowing orb like eyes.

If the sun made more mutants I think humanity is done for.

What steps out of the storage area was defiantly not human or Nightshade.

He was standing erect, not hunch on all fours. He had short messy bronze hair, a large chest with glorious muscular arms and legs. His skin was strange. It wasn’t the pallid luminescent skin Nightshades have. His skin shimmered with different colors from the sun. Almost like an azurite gemstone. It was so faint but it was there. He had tattoos running up his arms. Images of the sun, the earth on fire, water depleting, riots in cities. White demons crawling in the dark. The art work was intricate, every detail lay out perfectly of what happened two years ago.


10 thoughts on “#Wipmarathon check in #2

  1. You’re doing really well!
    I get stuck on description sometimes, too. I don’t want to go on and on, but sometimes it’s really important to be detailed and I don’t want to mess it up or bore people.

    That guy up there is creepy. Lol!

  2. Awesome word count there, way to go!

    I started out writing screenplays so sometimes I see things so vividly in my head that, when it comes to putting it in novel format I just stare at the page blankly, unable to put into words just how visual it is to me so I feel you on that.

    And the same with work, too. I wind up getting so demotivated at work that I don’t feel like doing anything other than just crashing when I get home. Maybe you could get up half an hour earlier in the morning and do some writing before you leave, put yourself in the mind set first thing.

    Good luck with your words this week!

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