Twinism of the Week: 5 Reasons I love being a twin

There are 5 reasons why I love being a twin. Sure there are ups and downs, but every sibling has that. Twins just are a little more unique. Thanks to here is why I love being a twin.


(1) It’s something I have that most people don’t

I have someone who is just like me. Looks just like me. This makes me different and I like being different. 🙂

(2) There’s always been someone right there with me, since births!

My twin is someone I can count on and who knows exactly what I am thinking. We have a great relationship. We love to write together and just sit and watch our favorite shows like Dr. Who or Teen Wolf. Sometimes we can just look at each other and know exactly what we are thinking. Just one look!

(3) We share a connection no one but a twin could appreciate or understand

We have a bond that is incomprehensible to others. A connection that somehow lets us know we are needed. In third grade I had run my finger along the fence and got it caught. I was in so much pain and blood oozed out. Kristen knew immediately it was me but teachers kept here away Sometimes we just know when to call each other.

(4) People think you’re special

We get a lot of attention. Some good and some bad. Everyone asks us what it is like. Two girls who look alike do draw attention. And it can be fun. Especially when meeting country stars! May I add that Florida Georgia Line was HOT!


(5) It’s like being a member in a private club

Outsiders can’t truly understand what it is like for being a twin. Only twins realize what it is like. So hence it is like a secret club!


My sister and I have a strong bond. I couldn’t imagine life without her. She is my other half. We were born together and I shall remain by her side. Twins is a powerful thing. I am lucky to be part of it.


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