Twinism of the Week

good and bad twin

It has been awhile since we did Twinism of the week! There are so many twin things to talk about. Muhahaha

“Sometimes I forget if I am the Good Twin or the Bad Twin.”

In truth twins are both the good twin and bad twin. It depends on which day. I can be a cranky-bat-out-of-hell sometimes, well Tawney would tell you most times. But she can too. Any person can be the bad sibling or child. We all have our days. I was just the wild more “let’s do this” twin. Tawney was outgoing but she stayed on the “I am good and not doing that” path. I got more in trouble and did more daring things like skateboard and partied. But oh can Tawney become the hulk when mad especially when driving. The evil twin comes full out when any car cross paths with Tawney that pisses her off, like tailgating or cutting off. She can beat a sailor in any language and sign language some pretty obvious signs. LOL. So whenever you meet a twin or cross paths with twins, remember to beware they both are evil twins.


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