Eat Your Heart Out Lara Croft

To the Extreme!

So for my husbands birthday we went up to Flagstaff to Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course. A place to play in the trees, literally! Zip lines, rope bridges and other obstacle courses. This was going to be fun, right? Hmmmmmm. You decide.

We checked in and got our gear, with belts, gloves, harnesses. We were given instructions on how to climb, zip line and click in and out for safety with our harness. It seemed easy enough so on we went to the latter that would take us up to the trees. my heart palpitated against my chest and I couldn’t swallow. This was it. No going back now.

Before me was a bridge out of an Indiana Jones movie, swinging and high. So one step after the other I take the bridge holding on to the line tightly with my gloved hands. This wasn’t that bad!


It was fun until Andrew climb onto the bridge and began to try to shake me off! He was not husband of the year because he desperately wanted me to fall. Every step of the way he rocked the bridges. But I was staying on because I felt like Laura Croft Tomb Raider, minus the hair, guns and big boobs.

Soon a challenge came with a hollow log. To crawl or not crawl forward or backwards?


Backwards it is! Bring it on. Nothing can stop me now! I was getting inspiration from this course. I came up with plot ideas on writing all sorts of ideas!


Then the Tarzan rope came and it was down hill from there. No more Tomb Raider, I was no on Survivor.


I barely made it across on the Tarzan rope, no upper body strength. I crashed on my butt undignified but I made it. Then the course got harder and the end all obstacle came along that Spiderman would hate. I had to swing across a rope to a net that I had to climb up the next course. I stood there for a minute until the guide below hollered for me to go and it was easy. It took me a moment then I swung across the open space with arms shaking uncontrollably. I crashed into the net clinging for life. I didn’t want to fall even though if I did I would be safe. Andrew cheered me on while the guide taunted me. I climbed until I had no breath and plopped my butt on the tree plank. I had made it. Then the guide laughed and said “Or you could have taken the easier route that was behind you.”
Lo and behold their was a tight rope walk with swinging ropes behind the bark of the tree. I glared at the guide who just laughed but I finished the course with the final long zip line.

And then I saw this!


It was survivor, or battle royal. I collapsed on the bench not able to go the next to courses. I had no strength and my body paid for it the next two days with muscle spasms and my arms could not lift at all. I had began as tomb raider and now ended with the tribe has spoke, er Andrew, i was voted out and Andrew won.

This was a fun place that totally inspired some creativity even though by the end of it I was cussing like a sailor. I may not be Tomb Raider but I sure as hell conquered those two courses and will be back to conquer the next ones. Oorah! Eat your heart out Laura Croft.


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