Author Chat with Rebekah Crane


The official AZ Author Chat Book Club has commenced! It was very exciting to sit and talk to the author of the book you just read. So if you haven’t heard, the whole premises of this book club is to read a book and then chat with the author by Skype or Facetime. A great, intimate way to talk about the book.

Our first author, who we will forever remember, was Rebekah Crane and her book Playing Nice. Can we just say how much we LOVE her! She is so laid back and cool. It was a wonderful experience to sit down and talk with her about Playing Nice.


We did have a few technical difficulties with Skype disconnecting every now and then. We were a little embarrassed but more angry with Skype because it was our first author chat! When things were fixed and began to flow, the chatting began. We all had questions about Marty and Lil because we couldn’t help but love them. The high school anxieties brought back memories!

Marty played nice all the time until Lil comes along to open her eyes to a new world full of possibilities. Rebekah kept the tone of the story with a teenage voice that was believable. We asked many questions about the book and characters. It was so much fun we didn’t even write down Rebekah’s answers.Sorry! We will be prepared next time. Rebekah just had our full attention! But one thing crossed our mind, how does she manage writing and being a Mom? Time, it is the key. Morning, night any time you have write! Great words from a Great author. We look forward to talking to her again with her new upcoming book Aspen. We are already can’t wait to read it! Hurry Rebekah! We need more from you! 🙂


If you are in the AZ area and wish to join the book club contact Tawney at or Kristen at We so want you to experience what we have. There are amazing authors lined up for the book club! We highly recommend their books; Alessandra Thomas, Trisha Leigh, Amalia Dillin, Leigh Ann Kopans


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