Our Nasa Love

So Beth Revis is doing celebrating NASA Month and it got me thinking of how much I love NASA! Kristen and I always watched the space shuttles take off on TV. It was so majestic with the white shuttle on two rockets waiting to blast away. When the smoke erupted from the rockets sending clouds of gray and fire everywhere, it was beautiful. Human beings speeding to space like a bullet boosted from rockets.


We never did get to see the shuttles in person since NASA shuttle program shut down. We are still sad about that.

I think it was the movie Space Camp that got us into loving space. We always wanted to go but never got the chance. Kids going into space and actually flying the shuttle made us dream of soaring with the stars. If you never saw Space Camp it is a must see with Joaquin Phoenix, Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Tate Donovan.

space camp

When I was dating my husband he gave me a telescope for my birthday. It was the best gift. We have seen stars, the craters of the moon, and planets on it! My nights sometimes seem to be staring at space


And now why we are true space geeks! Our collection of NASA patches, badges and space shuttles! Only one space shuttle is in the picture. All those patches are the real deal. Our Dad started collecting them from astronaut friends for us. The patches are from every mission such as Apollo, every shuttle like Columbia and Enterprise. It is a prize collection we love!


NASA is an organization going beyond limits and imaginations. Space is the final frontier! We already have pictures from Mars, astronauts living in space on the space station not to mention the inspiration NASA has on entertainment, especially books. I recently picked up Beth Revis Across the Universe about a spaceship and a girl who doesn’t belong. I was hooked. Kristen is waiting to snatch my book, which I promptly told her to buy her own!

You need to check out Beth’s website and the many NASA blogs she has posted. My love for NASA just grew more with every page I turn of Across the Universe. Check out her website http://bethrevis.blogspot.com/ and become a NASA lover like us!


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