Twinism of the Week

Do not think that dating your friend’s girlfriend’s twin sister will be cool. She is nothing like her. They have different personalities.


When Kristen had a boyfriend, his friends wanted to date me. They thought I would be like her. But I was not. I was totally different because I had a different personality. I was bubbly and happy. I was the cute one as everyone said. I would indulge my sister’s boyfriends and go out with their friends. It always turned out they dated me because they like Kristen! They were always disappointed that I wasn’t like her. Even though we our twins we are different. I couldn’t get that point across to them. I am me and she is she. Heehee


2 thoughts on “Twinism of the Week

  1. Hi Tawney! Thanks for following my blog. I believe you’re my first Arizona follower. Nice! Anyway, I love reading about your experiences with your sister. It’s funny, b/c my sister and I are mistaken for twins often, but we’re actually 4 years apart. (Makes me feel younger when it happens, since I’m the older one!) We always buy the same clothes even though we shop separately; we have the same sense of humor and share friends across the board; we finish each other’s sentences. I kind of love that we’re this close. It’s fun! Twin sisters — real or faux, ha ha– are awesome. 🙂

    • That is awesome! I love having a sister, she is 3 minutes older and I love to remind her. Hey older is older. It sounds like you two are twins at heart! I like that. This blog is new so I still don’t know what I am doing. HAHA. Glad you like it.

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