Surrounded by Stars

My husband works at a country radio station KMLE. Love that stations! He does music production and gets to meet a lot of country stars. So that gets me to meet a lot of stars! He is out of town now for country radio and it made me think of all the people I met. Ok, maybe I am bragging a bit but I don’t get to show these pictures to a lot of people. Here are just a few.

Tim McGraw 038

Tim McGraw has his hand on my shoulder! He is touching me! He was just as handsome and boy was his southern draw sexy!

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood was so nice and she loves The Walking Dead. She scores point for that! We only talked about zombies.

country 003

Blake Shelton, from The Voice! So tall and so funny. He has a sense of humor that makes him so much cuter.


Taylor Swift was so nice and down to earth. She had this special tent for meet and greets that was colorful, with red and yellows. Chairs were surrounding the area with tea cups and pots. Pictures of her hung about. It had a cool vibe to it.

OK, enough bragging. I hope to have new pictures added to this collection this year. But One more! I love Kiss and got the pleasure of meeting them. Yes, they are the real thing!



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