Zombie Twins review Warm Bodies

We love zombies. Proof with the first picture below of sexy dead zombie twins! We are obsessed with the Walking Dead, Resident Evil games or anything zombie, especially books. I haven’t really found a good zombie book until Warm Bodies. Thank you Isaac Marion! Every year we dress up as zombies for Halloween for a zombie walk downtown or a zombie run. Yes, we got to chase runners and infect them! That was so fun. The second picture is us with our flags we captured, those we infected. We were more of a bloody mess there because it was so hot! But anyway, went and saw Warm Bodies this weekend. I wasn’t sure how it would be since I loved the book. Loved the movie! Given that it was a little different from the book, it was a good representation. It was a funny zombie movie about love, much like Romeo and Juliet meets Sean of the Dead. Nicholas Hoult represented R very well. He even was a hot zombie! I also love R’s best friend M. The two are so entertaining when they communicate to each other. They make you root for the zombies. I laughed throughout the whole movie because listening to the point of view of the zombie was hilarious. It was great to see what zombies think while they wonder around all day and chase you for food. It was a refreshingly difference to all the gory zombie movies because these zombies had character. Any zombie enthusiast would enjoy this different concept of the zombie genre. I am not going to tell you much about the movie, you just have to see it! It is worth your time. When you do go and see it, look closely and you can see the author Isaac shuffling about in the background as a zombie. Let me know if you do! The beard gives him away. So, we Zombie twins, give it two bloody thumbs up!




Safety not guaranteed when zombie twins are hungry. You have been warned!



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