The Myth of the Evil Twin


Many of you have heard of the Evil Twin. Many wonder if twins have one that is evil. In truth, yes and no. There is an evil twin, but it depends on which twin you ask. My sister, Kristen, is defiantly my evil twin. She was always the rebel in high school dating all the boys. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have a boyfriend.  I was told I was the cute one and she was the hot one. How is this possible when we are twins? Anyway, the evil twin is the one who is similar to Mr. Hyde. Kristen always was the rebel, going out to parties. Me, I stayed home and did my homework. I was Dr. Jekyll, the good twin. Yes, I was a nerd. Heavy sigh. Kristen got grounded a lot but I seem to remember her skating out of that. Somehow, she was that good. But, a big but, if you ask Kristen she will tell you I am her evil twin. Though I can argue against that because we made her shirts that stated evil twin. Case in point: the picture below shows the hats my sister had made for out birthday. One says Good twin, me with the pink hat! The other says Evil Twin, Kristen in the green hat!

So Kristen unconsciously admitted to being the evil twin.  I guess it just depends on the twin. However, I think even if you don’t have a twin, you have an evil twin that comes out at night to play, or maybe when you’re angry. I must admit that I can be the evil twin when I am starving and I can feel my claws extend and my fangs unsheathe. If you don’t get food in me fast, watch out because I bite! Oh boy do I feel sorry for my family when that happens, especially my husband. He gets the brunt of it. But hey, any woman who doesn’t get food when she is hungry is a force to be reckoned with. Remember that men! It could save you one day.


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