411 on the blog

Ok, so I have decided to do a blog on twins or whatever life decides needs to be written. Feel free to comment and add your own thoughts. I also would love pictures of twins or people who are twinning, those who accidentally dressed the same at work or a party. I want to talk about twins because there always seems to be questions about twins people want to understand, such as “What is it like being a twin?” That one is a common but hard question to answer because I have been at twin my whole life and to me it is normal. But imagine having someone who was born with you, loves the same taste as you and is constantly there. Someone you can throw one look to and she knows exactly what you are thinking. There is a connection that is incomprehensible to some people, even those who have siblings. I can’t stay mad at her and I love her always. She is my other half to my life that I can’t imagine without.

We are fraternal twins, which means we were born from two different eggs. Identical twins were born from the same eggs and looks exactly alike.  My sister and I may look a like but we have different features. She is taller than me and I have a rounder face, but for the most part we are similar in appearance. Except when she cuts her hair short or dyes it a different color. It is these times I feel like I lost my twin because I feel  she is trying to change and become independent from a twin. Which there are some days we both feel like being our own person because sharing gifts on birthdays or Christmas just doesn’t seem far. For the most part, being a twin is a gift because I couldn’t imagine my world without her. Though we tend to argue a lot we don’t stay mad at each other long. We can’t. It is just our way. So, please feel free to comment, send pictures and just write about life. I love reading and writing. I love chatting.


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